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Mortgage Agreement


Asked on Dec 21, 2021

How to remove a name from a mortgage?

I helped a friend co sign for a mortgage. I believe documents were submitted on my behalf without my approval. Now that person is trying to add a second lien on the mortgage. I am refusing to sign the documents. The person is on forbearance and owes over $20,000 for the mortgage. I am told if documents are not signed the home would go into foreclosure causing this to affect my credit. I just want to remove myself from this situation because I do not even own the home. Nor do I live in the home.

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Answered 267 days ago

Richard G.

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You are in a difficult position, as I'm sure you are aware. The problem here is that once a person cosigns for another person, that person is obligated to pay the debt. While there may be defenses available, such as duress or coercion, these would be extremely difficult to prove and highly unlikely to succeed. As to your statement that you "believe documents were submitted on my behalf without my approval." If you are alleging fraud, in other words, that you did not really sign or authorize your signature on a document that was necessary to create your valid signature on the mortgage, then perhaps you have a case.

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