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Letter of Intent


Asked on Jan 4, 2022

Letter of intent

I registered a startup clothing boutique in PA and I planned to attend a fashion trade show to purchase from wholesale vendors. Because I am a startup and my business is not up and running I am required to provide a letter of intent for my boutique. How do I go about getting a letter of intent signed by lawyer?

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Answered 255 days ago

Amy Sue L.

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A "letter of intent" is typically not signed by a lawyer, it is signed by two or more parties who intend to enter into a transaction together in the future, but who do not yet have sufficient details regarding the terms of the transaction to enter into a formal agreement. Has the trade show given any additional info / context about this request? - I think your question has not been answered because your use of the term "letter of intent" and "lawyer" in this context is unusual. More information about what you mean by "registered a startup" would also be helpful - if you have formed a company, you should be able to provide a certificate of good standing or other evidence of that formation to the show, which may be sufficient. If you cannot provide that documentation, I wonder if you are also using the term "registered" in another, non-traditional way (from a legal point of view)? Happy to try to help with more info!

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