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LLC Operating Agreement


Asked on Jan 7, 2022

Who do I submit my operating agreement to?

I understand that for a LLC for rental property, liabilty protection, an operating agreement is good. However, once this is completed, what do you do with the agreement to ensure your protected? Does it get filed with the State of the LLC or is it something that can just be filed away at home. It seems it would need to be filed or someone could just change the agreement at home dependent on any situation that came up to protect themselves better which seem like fraud.

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Answered 258 days ago

T. Phillip B.

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The operating agreement is just one of the many things you need to do to show that you are treating this LLC as separate from you personally. With that being said, you will put the operating agreement into a records books with other things like your articles of organization, other government filings, membership ledger, etc. Then keep it at the primary place of business.

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