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Cease and Desist


Asked on Jan 14, 2022

I am looking for an attorney to write a Cease of Desist letter.

I had a verbal agreement with the video editor to edit a documentary. Per the video editor, the agreement was that he would edit the videos and complete the documentary, and if I liked it, I would pay him, and if I didn't like it, I didn't have to pay him. I gave him the script for an hour-long video. He completed a two hours video; he did not use the script; he put whatever he wanted, and now he wants me to pay him triple the amount of money we agreed. Now he is threatening me if I don't pay him; he will publish all the videos online and put on all social media that I did not pay him. I agreed to pay him the amount previously discussed, never said I wasn't going to pay him.

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Business Contracts


Answered 216 days ago

Tina R.

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I can assist drafting a letter. I'm an Illinois barred attorney.

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