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Promissory Note


Asked on May 12, 2021

Is a promissory note legally binding?

I was told by my brother n sister that I would be able to borrow against my parents estate 20,000.00 to buy a trailer and car. This was my dad's wish. A trailer was bought for 13,563.95 and I was told I'd have to wait for car. I have medical issues and have to travel 45 miles either way to see my Drs so a car is very important. My brother executer and sister showed up yesterday saying they never said 20,000. and I'm only getting 15,000. They expected me to sign a promissory dated back in Nov 2020. I've always thought contracts should be signed before the fact not after. The money will be taken from my share of trust so why the note.

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Answered 1012 days ago

Rebecca S.

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A promissory note is based on when the loan is made, not necessarily when the note is signed. So if the siblings actually loaned the money, regardless of when the note is signed, then a backdated note is ok. Review by an attorney is advised.

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