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Non-Competition Agreement


Asked on Jan 28, 2022

My previous job had a secret non-compete closure

I left my previous job because I did not appreciate how I was treated when returning from maternity leave. I stepped down because with a colic infant and a national staffing shortage I couldn’t handle the work load, right after I stepped down they changed the schedule to minimize stress for the current programs director. They also allowed employees to unprofessional to me, when I returned the employee I trained and managed for years lectured me how todo my current position and asked if I had any disabilities or injuries because I had a C-section. This company for years treated me differently then other employees even though I ran and managed profitable programs. Before I left I asked Premier Aquatics that I wanted to be placed in a position similar to the one I had before, and they didn’t have a position for me. I decided to resign and I want to work for another company near their location. I’ve known in the past that they do come after employees with a non-compete and they never offered me anything for the non-compete.

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Answered 240 days ago

Joseph L.

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Generally speaking non-competes are not enforceable in California against employees or independent contractors. The situation may be different depending on all the facts if you were an equity owner or partner in the company. Also, when a business is sold, a reasonable non-compete is enforceable against the former owner(s) since they were paid as part of the purchase price for non-competition representations. California has long had a public policy against non-compete clauses against employees and independent contractors since it affects their ability to earn a living. I am not sure what information you have about them "coming after other employees". Note: I don't have all the facts, and this answer is for informational and research purposes only.

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