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Franchise Agreement


Asked on Feb 5, 2022

I need help getting out of a franchise agreement and not paying the upfront fee

I have signed an agreement with nurse next door but that a crisis happened in my life that i had to spend my start up funds for, and now i cant start because i will end up filling for bankruptcy. And i told them this they did not reconsider pulling the agreement i signed when i have not started anything i have not take their training or and did not start doing the home care license and i don't have access to any of there software I just signed so is there a way that i could get out since i have not started anything please i can’t afford this anymore i used to when i signed but life happened

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Business Contracts


Answered 234 days ago

Ryan W.

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Hi I am sorry to hear about the crisis going on in your personal life. Unfortunately, the best answer I can provide is that "it depends." Once you sign a valid contract, the terms of the contract will likely control how you get out of that contract. Some contracts will have a rescission clause that will let you terminate if done so within a prescribed period of time. Others may have written notice requirements or other actions that are needed before the contract can be terminated. It is tough to tell you exactly how you can terminate your contract without first reviewing it.

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