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Cease and Desist


Asked on Jul 28, 2021

Would like quote for a Cease and Desist letter

I independently do rescue animal work. A small nonprofit offered to help pay medical bills for my rescues. I learned that they have been posting my work as theirs instead of me. They sent me a text yesterday that they won't help me anymore yet I'm the person doing all the work. One of my rescues died and they are asking for donations on their social media platforms after his death yet they did nothing to contribute to his rescue. I asked them to remove their posts but they don't respond and are collecting donations on my work and rescues.

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Answered 365 days ago

Alen A.

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Hello, Based on the limited information, it would likely cost $750. This would include one telephone call, a letter, and one reasonable revision. Anything beyond that would be charged at the normal hourly rate of $200/hr.

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