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Asked on Feb 28, 2022

If I am separating with someone I co-own a house with, not married, are there any repercussions to me moving out of the house before we have a signed agreement?

I bought a house with my boyfriend, we are now breaking up. We built the house and moved in in October 2022. It's too soon to sell and make money off of it. I am willing to move out, but I want the cash that I initially put into the house during settlement. We are attempting to come up with an agreement, which I would like an attorney to review before I sign.

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Answered 209 days ago

Ryan W.

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Whether there are any repercussions depends upon the circumstances surrounding your purchase. For example, whether or not a mortgage exists can affect the situation. If you are on the mortgage, it would not matter what agreement you sign with your boyfriend, you are still on the hook for the mortgage unless you can negotiate with the lender to remove yourself from the mortgage. It may require your boyfriend to refinance. You are certainly making the right move by having an attorney review any agreement between you and your boyfriend. You just need to consider the third-party lender and how that may also affect you.

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