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Business Contract

New York

Asked on Mar 23, 2022

Should I sign a contract if the terms and conditions don't apply to what I am buying?

I am about to sign a contract to rent a venue for my wedding ceremony (not reception). In the terms and conditions they state that I am responsible for paying $10,000 overtime per hour over the contract (which includes venue, staffing ,bar package). However I am having a ceremony only, there is no food or beverage being provided. And the only staff are 2 people to set up the room. Overall it seems the terms and conditions are more for a reception, not just a ceremony. Bottom line, should certain terms and conditions be removed from my contract if they do not apply to my ceremony?

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New York

Answered 187 days ago

Donya G.

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Absolutely. Please do not sign a contract with terms that do not apply to you. Once signed, you would then be bound by those terms and conditions. Go back and ask them to remove the sections that do not apply to you before you sign. If you need additional assistance and wish to hire me to assist you in the review of your agreement or discuss the revisions with the venue, you can contact via Contracts Counsel. All the best. Donya Gordon

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