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Home Q&A Forum buying a vacant city lot with a quitclaim deed?

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Asked on Mar 28, 2022

buying a vacant city lot with a quitclaim deed?

hello, i am looking to purchase a vacant city lot in savannah, georgia. it was taken by the city for taxes in 1968 and sold to the current buyers in 1986. seller will only give a quitclaim deed. once i purchase the lot what is the process and cost to get title insurance? regards paul

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Answered 696 days ago

Meghan T.

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Paul, Please, please, please purchase the title insurance before purchasing the lot (if possible). This will protect you in the event of any title defects. It is normal for the owner of a lot to prefer to transfer the property via quitclaim deed, especially if the property was obtained via a tax sale. However, it may be extremely helpful to determine, in advance, if there are any title defects which need to be addressed. Are you under contract to sell the property? Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks, Meghan K Thomas

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