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Equipment Purchase Agreement


Asked on Apr 13, 2022

I need help and justice because the manufacturing company and the vendor company sold me a bad CT scan machine for 67000$ and the machine always stops in between patients and unpredictable and it’s still not working now - I have spent thousands of $$ on repairs and waranties - they are abusing me- I don’t want any other dentist to be abused like this - I need a lawyer with a good heart to help me who isnot money oriented

I need to ask them for refund of half the price of the machine or replace me with a machine which will not give me and my team any psychological stresses for next 5 years - if they don’t want to settle out then we need to go to court and they need to pay my lawyer fees and I won’t be responsible for any of their lawyer fees at any occasion as there will be no justice served - if They lobby and I end up losing more money- most lawyers are expensive and I don’t want to spend for their lawyer- also as I have been cheated with a broken and defective machine and they need to pay for Rejuveneation fees as this machine breakdown has caused me and my team psychological and patient issues too

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Answered 174 days ago

Kelvin R.

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You have raise serious concerns involving rights under both your transaction documents and Texas law related to your CT scan machine purchase and performance. Texas law protects buyers of goods under well-established warranty theories as well as provisions of the Business & Commerce Code (including prohibitions against deceptive trade practices). You likely have a purchase agreement, guaranty agreement and or a warranty agreement. These are the minimum documents you should review closely to determine if the seller's actions violate terms of any (or all) of these agreements. A good lawyer can help you with your review and analysis. While I think I know what your concern may be in your request for "lawyer with a good heart" who "is not money oriented", lawyers are like any other profession, some better then others, some good and some not as good and attorney fees vary. I suggest you locate one that you believe is ethical and who will aggressively pursue your interest. If so, you will likely find value in the services provided. Our team at Roquemore Skierski PLLC is client-focused, passionate and zealous advocates for our clients. If you wish to speak with us go to

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