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Spanish Residential Lease Agreement

Made for Texas Landlords

Texas Law Compliant

Our residential lease template is compliant with Texas law.

Meet local obligations.

Lawyer Drafted & Translated

We use lawyers to draft and translate our real estate leases for accuracy.

Protect yourself.

Instructions For Use

Our lease is keyed to help you match English and Spanish sections.

Easy to use.

Package Pricing


Fillable PDF read to use.

Instantly Receive Lease in Your Email

This is a legal agreement that allows a landlord to rent residential property to a tenant for a term of one year which includes a Spanish version for Spanish speaking tenants.

Clauses that are included:

1. Property

2. Term

3. Rent Conditions

4. Security Deposit

5. Return of Security Deposit

6. Use of Premise

7. Condition of Premise

8. Assignment and Sub-letting

9. Alterations and Improvements

10. Non-Delivery of Possession

11. Hazardous Materials

12. Utilities

13. Maintenance, Repair, and Rules

14. Damages to Premises

15. Access by Landlord

16. Subordination of Lease

17. Tenant's Hold Over

18. Surrender of Premises

19. Animals

20. Waterbeds

21. Quite Enjoyment

22. Indemnification

23. Default

24. Abandonment

25. Attorney's Fees

26. Recording of Texas Lease Agreement

27. Governing Law

28. Severability

29. Binding Effect

30. Descriptive Headings

31. Construction

32. Non-Waiver

33. Modification

34. Notice

35. Lead-based Paint Disclosure

What is included in our package?

Spanish Lease Agreement

Fillable PDF read to use.

Spanish Rental Application

Fillable PDF ready to use.

English Lease Agreement

Keyed with instructions.

English Rental Application

Keyed with instructions.

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