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Outside General Counsel
Firearm Support (Gold Level) - our Proactive Business Planning & Outsourced General Counsel Services


3-day delivery

What's included:

  • Agreements Reviewed / Drafted by an Attorney (1 per month)
  • Business Succession Plan Created (1 per year)
  • Judicious privacy Protection (our 3P Registered Agent "fencing service")
  • our framework session (1 hour; 1 per year) - our strategic analysis of the business from legal perspective
  • Assistance with Drafting Corporate Resolutions/Minutes (1 per month)
  • Attorney Letter Sent (to client/vendor/service provider)(1 per month)
  • Management of Agreements (notification of significant deadlines)
  • Quick Questions answered by text message/email/scheduled phone call
  • Team Meeting with Owners, C-Suite Leadership, Financial Advisors, CPA & Bookkeeper to maximize tax savings (1 per year)
  • Drafting/Amending the Entity's Operating Agreement/Bylaws along with Ancillary Documents (1 set per year)
  • Assistance filing the Entity's State Annual Business Filing (franchise tax) (1 entity per year)
  • 15% reduction off our hourly “firefighter support" fees for specific legal research & pre-litigation assistance
  • Consultative Calls Always Free (unlimited-within reason)
  • Any deliverable allotment does not carry over into the future. However, we typically do all of the assessments and audits within the first three months. In the event an isolated need arises in excess of the allotment, the firm will use its discretion to either: (A) spread the work product delivery over a longer period of time; or (B) perform the services in the current month and deduct work product allocation from a future time period(s); or (C) charge additional fees, with the client’s pre-approval, to get the additional work completed within the necessary timeframe.
  • Deal Making Guidance (1 deal per month)
  • Entity Legal Liability Audits (1 per year)
  • File LLCs for Free (except for the filing fee)
  • General Counsel on Speed Dial (you'll get DWW’s personal number)
  • Hiring & Firing Navigated Properly (1 onboarding/agreement per month)
  • Intellectual Property Protected (1 trademark application per quarter)
Business Formation
Filing LLCs - Building a firm foundation for your business


7-day delivery

What's included:

  • a FREE 15 Minute Call (to discuss the entity's purpose & the dirt work: the 5 items we need to file)
  • our foundation session, an educational assessment of the 7 Essential Legal Building Blocks (45 minutes)
  • Please note: this flat fee is for a single member LLC or a multimember LLC (with up to 2 members). Additional fees will be added when there are more than 2 parties involved.
  • filing the Certificate of Formation with TX SOS (we check for Name Availability immediately before filing)
  • obtaining a federal EIN (only via IRS website)
  • draft the Operating Agreement & Ancillary Documents
  • our foundry session, our opportunity to review & redline together (45 minutes)
  • documents sent for e-signature to ensure proper execution
  • our fencing service–Weygandt Law will serve as the 3P Registered Agent (complimentary for the 1st year; $89/year due upon business date of formation)
  • One set of revisions for Operating Agreement & Ancillary Documents are included at no additional cost. Further revisions will be billed at our typical hourly rates.

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