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August 4, 2023
A: In its simplest terms, a noncompete agreement in an employment context is an agreement that says you will not compete with your former employer if you ever stop working for them. It typically forbids things like: + Working for a competitor + Starting a company that sells the same services/products as your employer + Recruiting employees from your current employer after you have left that employment. One thought is that this could be requested shortly before letting an employee go just to protect the company from competition but I hope that is not the case here as it seems like an unfair use of the noncompete agreement ability in Georgia. The issues are usually the geographical scope (for example within 15 miles of Dalton, Georgia), the time period (one or two years is usually sufficient and courts do not favor long noncompete agreements), and the consideration (such as a new job - which is not applicable in your case, or more compensation). Regards, Nancy A. Burnett