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Asked on Feb 14, 2024

Where do I find an experienced EB-2 NIW visa lawyer?

Canadian professional couple moving to USA. MD and business coach.

Brian W.

Answered Feb 20, 2024

I can help you with that. Email me at or visit my website for a free case evaluation

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Debt Collection



Asked on Feb 5, 2024

My brother paid off the mortgage loan of my parent's home in California in Jan 2021. In return the ownership was transferred to his name. However, in mid 2023 a lien was put on the property for $80K. We had no idea who filed, after talking with my father he told us that could be a judgement for him to pay back for the "zeek reward" scheme that he joined from more than 10 years ago. Is that legal for the lien to be on the property now that my father is not the owner?

The house is an investment property with renters, my father lives in one room and we do have a rental agreement with him. He manages the property since my brother and sister who are the owners of the property are living in different states.

Joseph M.

Answered Feb 6, 2024

If the judgment was against your father and not you then you should be able to fight the lien.

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Independent Contractor Agreement


Asked on Jan 30, 2024

If you 1099 could they make you pay for lunch

Working as a Flagger work 10hrs with no breaks

J.R. S.

Answered Feb 9, 2024

The short answer is yes. As an independent contractor, you bear the risk of profit and loss, employee rules regarding breaks and meals do not apply, nor does the overtime rules.

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Real Estate

Agreement To Rent Or Lease


Asked on Jan 20, 2024

Is new owner supposed to honor lease from previous owner in Illinois

New owner says he won't honor lease agreement from previous owner and is requesting to increase monthly rent.

Darryl S.

Answered Jan 26, 2024

It would be advisable to have an attorney review your lease to see if that lease is terminated by sale of the property. You may also want to see the Purchase Agreement for the property to clarify if the buyer of the building has an obligation to continue honoring the lease.

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Agreement To Rent Or Lease

New York

Asked on Jan 13, 2024

Can I have my residence on the business property I rent where I create and sell products from?

I'm new to this field.

Darryl S.

Answered Jan 23, 2024

We would want to review the restrictions in the lease to be sure of the answer to this question.

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Real Estate

Real Estate Contract for Sale


Asked on Dec 28, 2023

If a property is under contract as "seller financed" is it possible for the last buyer to enter into an option to buy contract with a new buyer?

The current owner of a property is under contract making monthly payments with the previous seller/title holder who is financing the loan. The property under contract is not occupied by the current owner. Another party is interested in buying the property, but desires to do research first, and would like to enter into a 6-12 month option to buy contract with the current owner. Is it possible for two contracts to exist on the same property?

Brad B.

Answered Jan 16, 2024

Typically interests in real estate are assignable - meaning either the buyer or the seller could sell their rights under the contract to another party. An interested buyer could also enter into a contract where the second buyer have the right to buy the property even though the seller doesn't have full legal title to the property yet. Assuming there is no contractual provision restricting the assignment of rights under the contract, Buyer I and Buyer II could enter into an agreement that states that Buyer II would have the option to purchase Buyer I's interest under the contract. If Buyer II executed the option, then Buyer II would start making the payments are required by the contract. It's important to note that Buyer I would still be liable to make the payments to seller if Buyer II failed to do so. As an agreement between Buyer I and Buyer II does not change the contract between Buyer I and Seller. If the Seller is involved, the original contract could be amended or assigned to Buyer II. As an alternative, Buyer I and Buyer could enter into an agreement where upon Buyer II's executing their option to buy the real estate, Buyer II would provide funds to Buyer I, who would in turn pay Seller what is owned under the contract. Buyer I would then be obligated to convey the real estate to Buyer II. Depending on the facts there might be other alternatives or possible solutions. Each matter depends on the facts. An attorney would be able to review the transaction and make a determination of what the best course would be given the client's needs.

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