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Jonathan M. on ContractsCounsel
View Jonathan
5.0 (1)
Member Since:
January 19, 2023

Jonathan M.

Free Consultation
Charlotte, NC
14 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NC, SC, VA
Charlotte School of Law

Owner and operator of Meek Law Firm, PC. Meek Law Firm provides comprehensive business law representation, precise and informed representation for real estate transactions in the commercial and residential markets of North and South Carolina and efficient succession and estate planning for business owners and individuals.

Pia M. on ContractsCounsel
View Pia
5.0 (1)
Member Since:
August 4, 2023

Pia M.

Free Consultation
Alexandria, Virginia
17 Yrs Experience
Licensed in VA
William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law

Pia is returning to private practice after spending the majority of the last five years in public service as a prosecutor, handling major and violent crimes for the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County and the City of Falls Church. She is committed to serving the community through effective legal advocacy, having spent her early career doing indigent defense work and family law. Pia attended Northwestern University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After finishing college, Pia returned home to Virginia and obtained her Juris Doctorate from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary in 2007.

Jason H. on ContractsCounsel
View Jason
4.9 (15)
Member Since:
March 5, 2023

Jason H.

Managing Attorney
Free Consultation
Dallas, Texas
23 Yrs Experience
Licensed in TX, VA
Regent University, School of Law

Jason has been providing legal insight and business expertise since 2001. He is admitted to both the Virginia Bar and the Texas State Bar, and also proud of his membership to the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches. Having served many people, companies and organizations with legal and business needs, his peers and clients know him to be a high-performing and skilled attorney who genuinely cares about his clients. In addition to being a trusted legal advisor, he is a keen business advisor for executive leadership and senior leadership teams on corporate legal and regulatory matters. His personal mission is to take a genuine interest in his clients, and serve as a primary resource to them.

Michelle T. on ContractsCounsel
View Michelle
4.9 (13)
Member Since:
October 10, 2023

Michelle T.

Business Lawyer
Free Consultation
Alexandria, VA
19 Yrs Experience
Licensed in TX, VA
Florida State College of Law

I am an experienced, well-rounded attorney with a background specializing in trusts and estates, contracts and business law. I have extensive experience working with simple contracts all the way up to multi-million dollar deals.

Christopher M. on ContractsCounsel
View Christopher
Member Since:
May 22, 2023

Christopher M.

Owner of The McKenna Law Group, LLC
Free Consultation
Frederick, Maryland
21 Yrs Experience
Licensed in MD, VA
University of Richmond, TC Williams School of Law

Skilled and experienced business attorney with vast experience in a wide array of commercial contracts. Strong emphasis on the lodging and hospitality practice field, including real estate acquisition and disposition, management agreements, franchise agreements, design & construction contracting and finance.

Meagan K. on ContractsCounsel
View Meagan
Member Since:
May 23, 2023

Meagan K.

Free Consultation
Charlottesville, Virginia
10 Yrs Experience
Licensed in VA
George Mason University School of Law

Meagan Kirchner has nearly a decade of experience in Immigration law. She has significant experience working on H-2B immigration matters. Her practice also focuses on business immigration, particularly representing corporate clients pursuing H, E3, TN, O, and L nonimmigrant classifications, as well as lawful permanent residence (EB-1A, NIW, EB-1C). Meagan has represented clients in a variety of industries including agriculture, hospitality, healthcare, IT, engineering, and finance. Meagan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from George Mason University and a Juris Doctor degree from the George Mason University School of Law. She is licensed to practice law in Virginia and is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

Christi H. on ContractsCounsel
View Christi
Member Since:
July 8, 2023

Christi H.

Free Consultation
Richmond, VA
19 Yrs Experience
Licensed in VA
Regent Law School

I have been practicing law for 18 years. I have worked in a mid-size firm environment where I was named a partner in 2014. In 2016, I left to start my own practice and work part-time. I handle most all corporate and transactional work and serve has outside general counsel for a number of companies

John W. on ContractsCounsel
View John
Member Since:
July 23, 2023

John W.

Strategic Business Partner
Free Consultation
Brookline, MA
38 Yrs Experience
Licensed in DC, MD, VA
Georgetown University Law Center

I am a business lawyer with 30+ years of experience, with a specialization in the life sciences industry. I have been general counsel at 5 different companies - both large and growing, as well as small and emerging. I have built legal teams and have extensive experience with Boards of Directors.

Jacob W. on ContractsCounsel
View Jacob
Member Since:
August 14, 2023

Jacob W.

Real Estate Attorney
Free Consultation
Charlottesville, VA
6 Yrs Experience
Licensed in VA
University of Oregon

Background in Engineering, Masters in Business, Licensed Patent Attorney. Reviewed countless title reports, and land contracts. If you have a problem with Real Estate I can solve it.

Robert N. on ContractsCounsel
View Robert
Member Since:
November 21, 2023

Robert N.

Attorney & Counselor at Law
Free Consultation
Virginia Beach, Virginia
28 Yrs Experience
Licensed in VA
Chicago Kent College of Law

I'm an experienced practitioner with a diverse practice which includes civil and criminal litigation in state and federal court, personal injury, immigration, breach of contract, and entertainment law.

Corey H. on ContractsCounsel
View Corey
Member Since:
October 20, 2023

Corey H.

Managing Partner
Free Consultation
Richmond, Virginia
15 Yrs Experience
Licensed in DC, MA, VA
UC Berkeley Law - LL.M

Veritas Global Law, PLLC ("Veritas") is a law firm specializing in Life Sciences, Private Equity, M&A, technology transactions and general corporate law. Veritas frequently represents clients seeking cost a cost efficient, on-demand, general counsel in a variety of general corporate law matters, and a range of contracts including NDAs, MSAs, Software as a Service (Saas) agreements. Veritas also represents U.S. and non-U.S. private investment fund GPs and LPs across a broad range of activities with a particular emphasis on private equity, venture capital, secondary funds, distressed funds and funds of funds. Mr. Harris received his LL.M. from the University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law and served as an articles editor of the Berkeley Business Law Journal and was an active member of the Berkeley Center for Law Business and the Economy. Additionally, Mr. Harris also holds a J.D. from Boston College Law School, a M.B.A. from the Boston College Carroll School of Management, a B.A. from Hampton University in Political Science with a minor in Economics and Spanish and a certificate in financial valuation from the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School.

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Contracts Legal Questions and Answers


Note Payable


Asked on Sep 15, 2021

I loaned money to a 5013c organization, I want a lawyer to look over the contract, worried about them defaulting on it

I am worried about a 5013c organization defaulting on a promissary note, they do not seem to have their act together, want to have a lawyer look over the promissary note and get advice on what happens if they default on it

Donya G.

Answered Oct 5, 2021

Sure. I take it they have not yet signed as yet? You can draft the agreement with some protections to ensure payment; however, you need to keep in mind that payment will always be contingent on whether they have money to pay or not. I am a contracts attorney and if you you would like my services, you can contact me on the contracts counsel website, or post your job on the website and attorneys will respond to your job. All the best Donya Gordon

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Confidentiality Agreement

New Jersey

Asked on Mar 30, 2021

Do confidentiality agreements hold up in court?

I am being asked to sign one.

Ramsey T.

Answered Mar 30, 2021

Courts will uphold all agreements between parties provided they are validly made, even confidentiality agreements. So first you must ensure that the confidentiality agreement is a valid agreement. Once you have assured yourself of that, you need to look at what sort of "breach" you might want to claim if you are considering going to Court. The issue, in the event that you do go to Court, will be - what are the remedies that the Court will provide in order to remedy the "breach". Will the Court provide for "damages" or issue some sort of "injuncutory relief" or other sort of order that the breaching party will need to fulfill.

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Business Contract


Asked on Oct 4, 2022

How to get out of a business contract?

I want to get out of a contract with our main vendor and have been reading the contract but it doesn't say much. I believe this is in the termination clause based on research, but it doesn't specifically say what I need to do. Any advice?

Donya G.

Answered Oct 14, 2022

A contract generally has termination terms; that would be the way to get out. If there are no terms, then the best thing to do is negotiate with the party on an exit strategy that is agreeable to both parties. As a contracts attorney that specializes in contracts and contracts disputes, I would be happy to assist. You can connect with me on the website or through my profile page - Donya Gordon Donya

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Demand Letter


Asked on Oct 12, 2021

Could you please provide a quotation of your service of drafting this demand letter?

I am representing a group of people, who need an attorney’s help to write a Demand Letter of Payment to the Arizona Court. We wired money to the bank accounts of three companies in 2020 for investment purpose and so far, the investment contracts have not been signed and sent back to us by these 3 companies. We have been seeking refund from these 3 companies for several months. Currently, these 3 companies are having a lawsuit with another company A and demanding payment from company A. As such, we would love to state our legal claim to the court, which makes a demand of the refund of our payments to these 3 companies. Could you please provide a quotation of your service of drafting this demand letter?

Samuel R.

Answered Oct 27, 2021

To whom it may concern, I would love to assist you and your company. Based on my experience, skills, knowledge and experience in Corporate, Business, Transactional, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Law, I am confident in my ability to assist you with this Upwork contract. I currently am employed full-time as General Counsel for a Bioengineering Company called Fusion Orthopedics. I handle all of the Company’s legal issues, from Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Structure, and Breach of Contract suits, to Employment Contracts, FDA compliance, Real Estate Transactions, CC&R creation and compliance and Intellectual Property. That being said, I will need to make sure there is no conflict of interest with the company (I anticipate there being none). I can write the letter for a flat fee of $400. I am eager to learn more about this job and the opportunity to help you. Thank you in advance for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Sincerely, Samuel Rocereta, Esq.

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Equity Agreement


Asked on Jan 13, 2022

How much equity should investors get?

Hi there, I'm seeking counsel for a startup/small business with two initial investors. These investors have established auto repair businesses and will use those businesses as leverage to support a $500k loan that will be used to initially fund the business. Revenues from those businesses will be used to pay the loan until the business can pay for them. I will be providing all sweat equity. The investors above will have no involvement in the day-to-day (as they run their own businesses). One investor may provide connections to potential clients and if necessary, an additional investor.

Ryan W.

Answered Jan 14, 2022

The answer as to how much equity to give an investor depends upon a variety of factors. One way to look at the situation is to try to place a value on your business. Once you have determined an appropriate value for your business, then determine how much money an investor is providing the business. From here you could figure out the percentage of equity based upon the investment and value of the business.

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