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Understanding Client Service Contracts

Your employees are no doubt the backbone of your business. However, sometimes you will need a specific job done for a limited amount of time or have a need for a specialized service...

Understanding Joint Venture Agreements

A joint venture agreement is a contract that legally ties two or more parties together to form a single-entity partnership. Because there is a lot at stake with any joint venture, having an iron-clad...

Where Do Contract Lawyers Work?

If you have never worked with a contract attorney near you before, you probably have a lot of questions. No doubt one of those is about where they work. After all, if you are going to...

Do Contract Lawyers Use Templates?

When you hire someone to complete a service, instinct tells you it should be done from scratch and fully unique to you. That is why the idea of a contract lawyer starting with a template...

Understanding Employment Contracts

Crafting employment contracts requires a delicate balance. As an employer, the language used needs to protect your business. At the same time, it needs to respect the rights of the...

Understanding Partnership Agreements

While society loves the idea of self-made men and women, the truth is that most people achieve the greatest amount of success through strategic partnerships. However, many make...

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