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Average Cost of Hiring a Lawyer to Draft a Contract?

April 19, 2021

The costs of hiring a lawyer to draft a contract can vary widely. Click see cost data from our marketplace and learn costs for different contract types.

Contractscounsel Convertible Debt Note Image

Convertible Debt: How It Works, 9 Common Terms

Jan. 21, 2021

A convertible debt is used to help start-ups raise capital without having to give away more equity than necessary. Learn 9 common terms by clicking here.

ContractsCounsel Employment Contract Reviews

Employment Contract Review: Costs, What To Expect

April 19, 2021

An employment contract review analyzes an employment agreement for fairness, thoroughness, and legal compliance. Click here to learn costs and what to expect.

ContractsCounsel When To Update Your Terms of Service

When To Update Your Terms of Service

Sept. 26, 2022

A terms of service is an agreement that specifies a user's obligations and a provider's responsibilities. Service can be to terminated if there's a violation.

ContractsCounsel When to Update Your Privacy Policy

When to Update Your Privacy Policy

Sept. 26, 2022

To run a successful business, you must know when to update your privacy policy. A privacy policy is a statement outlining how a company manages its data.

ContractsCounsel Terms and Conditions Review

Terms and Conditions Review

Sept. 25, 2022

A terms and conditions review oversees a company’s terms of service, privacy policy, & more. Terms and conditions are an important part of a service agreement.

ContractsCounsel Reviewing Your Employee Stock Options

Reviewing Your Employee Stock Options

Sept. 25, 2022

Employee stock options are a form of potential ownership in exchange for labor provided. Stock options allow employees to purchase stock in the company.

ContractsCounsel Non-Solicitation Agreement Cost

Non-Solicitation Agreement Cost

Sept. 25, 2022

What does a non-solicitation agreement cost? Click here to explore ContractsCounsel's 2022 marketplace data about fees for non-solicitation agreements.

ContractsCounsel Non-Competition Agreement Cost

Non-Competition Agreement Cost

Sept. 25, 2022

What does a non-competition agreement cost? Click here to explore ContractsCounsel's 2022 marketplace data about fees for non-competition agreements.

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