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How much does a lawyer cost?

What you can expect to pay when finding a lawyer on ContractsCounsel.

Legal Drafting Fees

50% of bids for drafting projects are between $500 - $1000.
Legal drafting fees graph on ContractsCounsel
*Live data based on last 1000 bids for legal drafting projects.

The above graph shows the flat fee bids created for legal drafting projects in the ContractsCounsel marketplace.

Contract Review Fees

50% of bids for contract review projects are between $400 - $800.
Contract review fees graph on ContractsCounsel
*Live data based on last 500 bids for contract review projects.

The above graph shows the flat fee bids created for contract review projects in the ContractsCounsel marketplace.



Small Law Firm

Large Law Firm

Free & Paid
Low Hourly
High Hourly
Basic Contract Drafting
$350 - $750
$1,000 - $2,000
Basic Contract Review
$250 - $500
$500 - $1,000

The above rates are averages from our marketplace for comparison. These rates may vary based on your project requirements.

Very glad I found this platform, this has saved me 80% on costs over a local attorney for this project with a faster turnaround time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the lawyers on ContractsCounsel?

Lawyers apply to join ContractsCounsel’s member audience and are vetted by our team. We validate all provided information, including their license to practice law, and make sure they have great client service skills. Our lawyers are a diverse group that represent a wide array of law schools, past employers, industry experience, and practice focus.

How do I get the best bids for my project?

ContractCounsel’s project intake workflow gets relevant information from you so lawyers understand your need. Clients with the most success on our platform provide detailed information about their project so lawyers understand the scope of work. Without detailed information, lawyers will not understand what is needed and not be interested in the project.

Is there a cost to use the platform?

There are no fees to use ContractsCounsel’s platform to receive bids from lawyers in our member audience. If you find a lawyer you want to work with, you will need to pay the fee presented to you on your bid page to hire that lawyer plus a 3% transaction fee.

Are there any hidden costs for me?

There are no hidden fees on our platform. One of our core values is Transparency and we make sure fees are always 100% transparent for our clients.

How do I pay for services?

ContractsCounsel has built in payment processing for you to pay for services. There is no fee to post a project in our marketplace. If you find a lawyer you want to hire, you can securely pay through our platform to streamline your workflow. ContractsCounsel requires 50% of expected fees to be paid to start a project.

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