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A Letter of Instruction is a document that guides a designated individual or entity on how to carry out specific actions or wishes after the author's demise. In addition, it is not a legally binding document but is often used in conjunction with a will or trust. Furthermore, a letter of instruction acts as a tool that can help guarantee that a person's last wishes are carried out as planned. Now let us look deep into various aspects of a Letter of Instruction.

Common Elements of a Letter of Instruction

A Letter of Instruction (LOI) is a document that can be tailored to fit the author's specific needs. The following are some of the common elements that can be included:

  • Introduction: The author should begin by introducing themselves and explaining the letter's purpose.
  • Funeral and Burial Instructions: The author can provide specific instructions for their preferred type of funeral service and burial location.
  • Financial Accounts and Assets: The author can provide details regarding their financial accounts and assets, including bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and insurance policies.
  • Digital Assets: The author can guide how to manage their digital assets, such as social media accounts, email accounts, and online storage accounts.
  • Personal Property: The author can provide directions on distributing personal belongings, such as jewelry, family heirlooms, and sentimental items.
  • Guardianship: The author can provide instructions for caring for minor children, including designating guardians.
  • Health Care Instructions: The author can guide decisions like end-of-life care and life-sustaining treatment.
  • Contact Information: The author should include contact information for their appointed executor, attorney, or other important individuals.
  • Signature and Date: The author should sign and date the letter of instruction.

Steps for Drafting a Letter of Instruction

A letter of instruction outlines the author's desires for their estate, funeral arrangements, and other pertinent instructions. Below are some effective steps to draft a letter of instruction.

  1. Determining the Contents: The first step in composing a letter of instructions is determining its contents. The letter can cover a wide range of topics, such as funeral arrangements, instructions for the distribution of assets, information on financial assets, such as bank accounts, investments, and insurance policies, login information and passwords for online accounts, and contact information for professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants
  2. Stating the Introduction: The introduction should be brief and straightforward. It should state the letter's purpose and provide any necessary background information. For instance, you may want to explain that the letter is intended to guide your loved ones after your death or incapacitation.
  3. Presenting Specific Instructions: The bulk of the letter should contain precise instructions regarding managing and distributing your assets. These instructions should be clear and concise, avoiding legal jargon or technical terms your loved ones may not understand. In this letter section, you may include specific instructions for your funeral arrangements or how you want your assets to be distributed to specific individuals or organizations.
  4. Providing Information on Financial Assets: It is important to include details about your financial assets in the letter of instructions. This information should encompass your bank accounts, investments, and other financial assets. You should also include the contact information of any financial advisors or accountants who can assist your loved ones in managing these assets.
  5. Incorporating Information on Insurance Policies: If you have any insurance policies, you should include information on these policies in the letter of instructions. This information should include the policy numbers, the insurance companies' names, and contact information.
  6. Adding Information on Online Accounts: In today's digital era, providing information on your online accounts in the letter of instructions is vital. This information should include your usernames and passwords for any online accounts, such as email accounts, social media accounts, and online banking accounts.
  7. Supplying Contact Information for Professional Advisors: You should provide contact information for any professional advisors you have worked with, such as attorneys and accountants. This information will enable your loved ones to contact these professionals if they require assistance managing your assets.
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Types of Letters of Instruction

Letters of instruction (LOIs) are widely used in various fields, such as law, finance, and business. Also, depending on the purpose, different kinds of letters of instruction serve different functions. Below are the different types of LOIs and their significant features.

  • Legal Letter of Instructions: A legal letter of instruction is a document that provides direction to a legal representative or attorney regarding how assets should be distributed after the writer's death. This LOI is commonly utilized in estate planning and typically outlines how assets like property, investments, and money should be distributed. It may also include details about appointing guardians for minor children, funeral arrangements, and other relevant matters.
  • Financial Letter of Instructions: A financial letter of instruction is a document that instructs financial institutions or financial advisors on managing assets during the writer's lifetime. This type of letter of instruction may include information on investment strategies, managing financial accounts, and tax planning. This instruction is particularly useful for individuals who want to ensure their financial affairs are managed according to their preferences.
  • Business Letter of Instructions: A business letter of instruction is a document that gives instructions to employees or contractors regarding a specific task or project. This type of letter of instruction may include information on project timelines, deliverables, and other pertinent details. A business LOI helps ensure that everyone involved in a project is working towards the same goals and is on the same page.
  • Military Letter of Instructions: A military letter of instruction is a document that provides instructions to military personnel regarding a specific mission or operation. This type of letter of instruction may include information on mission objectives, rules of engagement, and other relevant details. A military LOI is especially useful in ensuring all team members know their roles and responsibilities.
  • Academic Letter of Instructions: An academic letter of instruction is a document that provides instructions to students or researchers regarding a specific project or assignment. This type of LOI may include information on research objectives, data collection methods, and other relevant details. An academic LOI helps ensure that students or researchers know the expectations and requirements for a particular project.

Key Terms for the Letter of Instruction

  • Estate Planning: The process of arranging for handling and distributing a person's assets and liabilities after their demise.
  • Beneficiary: A person or entity designated to receive assets or benefits from a will, trust, or other legal instrument.
  • Last Will and Testament: A legal document that provides instructions for distributing a person's assets after death.
  • Trust: A legal arrangement in which a trustee holds and manages assets to benefit one or more beneficiaries.
  • Fiduciary: A person or entity that holds a rank of trust and confidence, such as a trustee or executor, and has a legal obligation to act in the best interests of another.
  • Power of Attorney: A legal document that authorizes a person to act on behalf of another person in certain specified matters.

Final Thoughts on the Letter of Instruction

A Letter of Instruction is useful for guiding loved ones, caregivers, or other designated people or entities about important matters. It can provide instructions for burial and funeral arrangements, financial accounts and assets, digital assets, personal property, guardianship, and health care decisions.

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