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Employment Agreement


Asked on Mar 21, 2023

How to end an employment contract?

I am currently an employee with an employment contract, but I am considering terminating my employment due to various reasons such as a breach of contract, a hostile work environment, or a desire to pursue other opportunities. However, I am unsure of the legal requirements and consequences of ending the contract before its specified end date. Therefore, I would like to seek the advice of a lawyer to better understand the steps involved in terminating an employment contract and to ensure that I am protected legally.

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Answered 72 days ago

Donya G.

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Connecticut is an "at will" state which means employers in the private sector can end the employment for no reason at all or without notice. This should be the same for an employee, however, most people give an industry standard of about 2 weeks when leaving. It will depend on the employment agreement that you signed. The agreement will have to be reviewed and you would need to be advised based on your agreement. I can assist you with that. You can find me on the website and engage my services. Donya Gordon

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