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Meet some of our Salt Lake City Employment Lawyers

Samuel R. on ContractsCounsel
View Samuel
5.0 (41)
Member Since:
October 2, 2021

Samuel R.

Free Consultation
Phoenix - Arizona
5 Yrs Experience
Licensed in AZ, PA, UT
Widener University Delaware Law School

My career interests are to practice Transactional Corporate Law, including Business Start Up, and Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as Real Estate Law, Estate Planning Law, Tax, and Intellectual Property Law. I am currently licensed in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Utah, after having moved to Phoenix from Philadelphia in September 2019. I currently serve as General Counsel for a bioengineering company. I handle everything from their Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Placement Memorandums, and Corporate Structures to Intellectual Property Assignments, to Employment Law and Beach of Contract settlements. Responsibilities include writing and executing agreements, drafting court pleadings, court appearances, mergers and acquisitions, transactional documents, managing expert specialized legal counsel, legal research and anticipating unique legal issues that could impact the Company. Conducted an acquisition of an entire line of intellectual property from a competitor. In regards to other clients, I am primarily focused on transactional law for clients in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, real estate investment, property management, and e-commerce. Work is primarily centered around entity formation and corporate structure, corporate governance agreements, PPMs, opportunity zone tax incentives, and all kinds of business to business agreements. I have also recently gained experience with Estate Planning law, drafting numerous Estate Planning documents for people such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and Trusts. I was selected to the 2024 Super Lawyers Southwest Rising Stars list. Each year no more than 2.5% of the attorneys in Arizona and New Mexico are selected to the Rising Stars. I am looking to further gain legal experience in these fields of law as well as expand my legal experience assisting business start ups, mergers and acquisitions and also trademark registration and licensing.

Tiffany O. on ContractsCounsel
View Tiffany
5.0 (4)
Member Since:
January 3, 2024

Tiffany O.

Free Consultation
Washington, Utah
8 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NM, UT
J. Reuben Clark Law School

Tiffany received her Juris Doctorate from the J. Reuben Clark Law School, Magna Cum Laude. She is admitted to the Utah State Bar and the New Mexico State Bar. She practices in the areas of real estate, general business, business formation, employment agreements, and civil litigation.

Jared F. on ContractsCounsel
View Jared
4.8 (4)
Member Since:
March 4, 2024

Jared F.

Managing Attorney
Free Consultation
Salt Lake City, UT
20 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV, UT
Harvard Law School

Jared Fields is an experienced business lawyer and litigator with experience in diverse industries and practice areas. Prior to launching his own practice, he served as the chief legal officer for a group of privately-owned companies, including a real estate development group, construction companies, multiple franchisees, and a professional soccer team. As a result, he is experienced in real estate transactions, commercial agreements of varying degrees of sophistication, employment matters, and litigation, as well as general business legal advice. He was also an in-house attorney for a renewable energy company, where he was responsible for litigation, investigations, enforcement actions, and related securities filing disclosures. Mr. Fields also spent many years as a litigator in private practice, representing clients in matters ranging from securities litigation, to breach of contract, to cases involving real estate and financial services. Mr. Fields has particular experience in legal matters that may involve complex financial, accounting, valuation, and other quantitative issues.

Simon C. on ContractsCounsel
View Simon
Member Since:
August 5, 2021

Simon C.

Corporate Attorney
Free Consultation
20 Yrs Experience
Licensed in UT
Brigham Young University Law School

Corporate counsel with years of in-house experience working with and reporting to board / executive-level and upper management, along with extensive regional / national law firm background in commercial transactions and contracts, complex commercial litigation, and employment matters. Skilled at executing corporate priorities, driving profitability by implementing goal-oriented processes to achieve revenue and productivity targets, and managing company litigation and outside counsel. Recognized for creating policies and practices to address ethical dilemmas and resolving misconduct.

Matt M. on ContractsCounsel
View Matt
Member Since:
August 16, 2022

Matt M.

Free Consultation
Orem, Utah
17 Yrs Experience
Licensed in UT
Washington & Lee University

I love to learn, and I love solving problems. That's why I became a lawyer, and learned to solve legal problems for individuals and businesses and help them fix things when there's a snag. Touch base if you think I could have something to offer for you or your company. Experienced, results-oriented legal professional whose background and education have established him as a valuable resource in areas of corporate law, franchising, litigation, compliance, mortgages and banking, and more. Practice Areas Include: Corporate law, Franchising, Litigation, real estate, corporate law, civil disputes, insurance representation, corporate counseling, dispute resolution, risk management, regulatory counsel, compliance. Experience involves sophisticated as well as routine corporate structuring and transactions, simple and complex litigation, and written and oral advocacy such as depositions, mediated settlement conferences, trials, appeals, written pleadings and discovery, and case strategy and analysis. Experience managing and litigating disputes between parties and negotiating settlements across the spectrum of civil litigation, including probative discovery, successful motions practice, legal research and writing, appellate practice, and legal consultation to individuals and business entities. Further experience includes digesting and monitoring updates to the legal landscape to advise clients or departments and successfully adapt policies and procedures to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as to manage risk effectively. For those needing a skilled commercial or corporate lawyer, or for individuals whose rights need persuasive advocacy, I am a valuable resource. Representative work also has involved success on the appellate level, as in Baker Construction Company, Inc. v. City of Burlington and Hawthorne, LLC, North Carolina COA09-13.

Zachary D. on ContractsCounsel
View Zachary
Member Since:
July 26, 2023
Darren W. on ContractsCounsel
View Darren
Member Since:
November 5, 2023

Darren W.

Free Consultation
South Jordan, Utah
20 Yrs Experience
Licensed in AZ, CO, UT, WY
J. Reuben Clark, BYU

My main focus is estate planning and business transactions, but I have had many practice areas throughout my career, including criminal defense and prosecution, civil litigation from neighborhood squabbles to corporate contentions. I have also worked in bankruptcy, family law, collections, employment law, and personal injury. I stand ready to assist in any area to which I feel I can be of service, but will not try to fake it if I do not know the area of law I am being asked to serve in.

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Meet some of our other Employment Lawyers

Roman V. on ContractsCounsel
View Roman
5.0 (1)
Member Since:
July 10, 2021

Roman V.

Trademark Attorney
Free Consultation
Milwaukee, WI
10 Yrs Experience
Licensed in MD
Marquette University Law School

I'm an experienced trademark attorney and enjoy helping clients protect and grow their brand names through trademark registration and enforcement. I've worked with a wide variety of clients in different industries, including e-commerce, software as a service (SaaS), and consumer goods, to register trademarks for product names, logos, and slogans, both in the US and abroad.

Justin A. on ContractsCounsel
View Justin
5.0 (9)
Member Since:
July 7, 2021

Justin A.

Free Consultation
Seattle, WA
7 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NY, WA
The University of Chicago Law School

I am an entrepreneurial lawyer in the Seattle area dedicated to helping clients build and plan for the future. I earned my law degree from the University of Chicago and worked in a top global law firm. But I found advising real people on legal issues far more rewarding. Reach out to discuss how we can work together!

Drew B. on ContractsCounsel
View Drew
Member Since:
July 1, 2021

Drew B.

Managing Member
Free Consultation
Cleveland, Ohio
26 Yrs Experience
Licensed in MO, OH
Saint Louis University

Drew is an entrepreneurial business attorney with over twenty years of corporate, compliance and litigation experience. Drew currently has his own firm where he focuses on providing outsourced general counsel and compliance services (including mergers & acquisitions, collections, capital raising, real estate, business litigation, commercial contracts and employment matters). Drew has deep experience counseling clients in healthcare, medical device, pharmaceuticals, information technology, manufacturing, and services.

Daniel R. on ContractsCounsel
View Daniel
Member Since:
July 1, 2021

Daniel R.

Managing Attorney
Free Consultation
11 Yrs Experience
Licensed in IL
Gonzaga School of Law

Daniel is an experienced corporate attorney and works closely with corporations, privately held companies, high-net worth individuals, family offices, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Daniel graduated from the Gonzaga University School of Law and is licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Employment Legal Questions and Answers


Employment Offer


Asked on Dec 6, 2023

Is background check part of the employment offer?

I recently accepted a job offer and the employer requested that I submit to a background check. However, I am concerned that I may not have been sufficiently informed that this was part of the employment offer. I am wondering if I am obligated to submit to a background check and if it is a requirement of the offer.

J.R. S.

Answered Jan 5, 2024

Potential employers are not explicitly required to disclose that a background check is a necessary condition of employment. In certain circumstances, employers must conduct background checks and keep records of these checks. This is exemplified in the Texas Administrative Code, where an employer must maintain written documentation of a pre-employment check for at least two years regardless of the subsequent employment status of the applicant. You may want to check your offer letter for terms that indicate your employment is contingent upon meeting satisfactory requirements in lieu of specific language of "background check". Depending on the industry and or the company, they may be required to do a background check to verify licensing or education in order to mitigate their risks of negligent hiring.

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Employment Severance Agreement

New York

Asked on Dec 13, 2022

I need advice on a severance package

I believe I was discriminated against due to disabilities. Reasonable accommodations were submitted on two separate occasions. My supervisor and HR rep mishandled the situation and I was eventually terminated. I was offered a severance in exchange for me not during them. I have documentation, communication, and recorded conversations and I'm finishing up writing out a timeline. I was offered a years salary and would like to negotiate more.

Orin K.

Answered Dec 27, 2022

Hi, it sounds like your employer may have real concerns if they've offered one year of severance. That's higher than the offers I usually see. There is always potential to negotiate something higher, but I would not be able to counsel on specifics without fully reviewing all the facts of your situation. Please feel free to contact me through the ContractsCounsel site if you would like to discuss further.

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Physician Employment Agreement

North Carolina

Asked on May 22, 2023

When to use a physician employment agreement?

I am a physician who has been approached by a practice to join their team. I am interested in learning more about the details of the agreement that I will be signing, including when a physician employment agreement should be used. I want to make sure that I am making the best decision for my career and that I am fully informed when signing the agreement.

N'kia N.

Answered May 23, 2023

In North Carolina, written employment agreements between medical groups and the physicians that they employ are standard. A reputable group will almost always present a proposed agreement to a prospective employee without being prompted. Sometimes, the proposed agreement is in the form of an "offer letter" that, once signed, will become the contract between the parties. Before signing any proposed agreement, a prospective employee should ensure that it accurately reflects what the parties have agreed to. It should include all of the agreed-upon terms and should be written clearly enough that an outside third party could interpret what the parties intended without seeking further explanation. Additionally, a prospective employee should pay close attention to contract clauses intended to have long-term effects, including but not limited to "restrictive covenants" such as non-disclosure, non-competition, or exclusivity provisions. Last, a prospective employee might consider having an attorney review a proposed employment agreement before signing. Good luck!

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Employment Handbook

North Carolina

Asked on Jul 22, 2023

Employment handbook non-compete policy?

I recently accepted a job offer with a new company, and part of the offer was that I had to sign an Employment Handbook. This Handbook includes a non-compete policy that I am not comfortable with, as it restricts my ability to work with certain clients and organizations. I am concerned about the implications of this policy, and I would like to understand my rights and obligations under this policy so that I can make an informed decision about my employment.

N'kia N.

Answered Jul 25, 2023

A covenant not to compete (AKA "non-competition clause," "non-compete clause," or simply "non-compete") is a special contract term often found in employment agreements. However, not all jurisdictions allow non-competes in employment agreements. Additionally, to be valid/enforceable, a non-compete must be narrowly tailored to a legitimate business interest. An employee who has concerns about the validity/enforceability of a non-compete, or about specific rights and obligations under a non-compete, should consider speaking with a knowledgeable attorney.

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Employment Agreement


Asked on Nov 30, 2021

Are non-competes enforceable in California?

I live in CA and work for an east coast company. I have an old employment agreement from ~2006 that has a non-compete clause. Is that enforceable in CA?

Paul S.

Answered Dec 3, 2021

No, it's not. California has a very strict law against non-competes, and views those as illegal restraints on trade. Pretty much the only scenario in which a non-compete will be enforceable in California is in connection with the sale of a business.

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