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A relationship agreement is signed between a couple to establish the rules related to their relationship. The legal document holds significance because it helps to establish domestic partnerships without any discrepancies.

The terms of a relationship agreement include provisions like how the couple should respect one another and how they divide their expenses. The document includes their living arrangements, personal needs, termination of relationship conditions, etc.

What Do You Mean by a Relationship Agreement?

The relationship agreement is a legal document produced and signed by a couple that describes the duties and rights of both the parties. Both parties must agree to the conditions before signing the agreement.

The relationship agreement guides couples through the process of managing relationships. The document becomes legally enforceable if one party fails to adhere to its terms and conditions. Maintaining love and relationships requires an intentional and conscientious effort, and the relationship agreement is intended to be used in such situations. The relationship agreement is the best way for couples to communicate effectively in a polite manner.

Relationship agreements may prove helpful if couples are in a long-term, short-term, open, platonic, or one-off sexual relationship. The agreement involves two partners who agree on fair and reasonable terms and conditions concerning their relationship.

It also helps decide personal deal breakers between them that can be included in a separate section of the legal document. However, the terms of the relationship agreement must be based on the preferences of both parties. A couple can seek legal assistance from a professional lawyer to ensure they sign a fair relationship agreement.

What Are the Common Terms Included in a Relationship Agreement?

The terms included in a relationship agreement may vary from one US State to another and depend on the individuals' preferences and expectations. However, most relationship agreements include the following terms:

  • The couple must pledge never to compromise their connection during arguments, discussions, and other similar situations.
  • Each partner must accept the responsibility for their respective emotional reactions, concerns, worries, etc.
  • The couple must promise to make time for each other as individuals regularly.
  • They must stay progress-oriented while remaining patient with each other.
  • Each individual must commit to doing their best to hold space for the other partner.
  • The couple must agree to make significant investments in self-care.

What Are the Benefits Associated with a Relationship Agreement?

A relationship agreement ensures that couples will have several benefits as described below in in-depth points:

  • Honesty

    A healthy relationship ensures honesty and transparency. However, this may be untrue if one party suffers from any deprivation. That is why a relationship agreement aids in the management and prevention of frustrations, disputes, and other internalized resentments.

  • Communication

    The relationship agreement is a voluntarily resolving act for couples to express their unspoken thoughts. It also helps both partners feel much safer and works as a communicator to connect them in future situations.

  • Need Awareness

    Both partners in a relationship must understand each other's needs. The agreement helps get insights into a partner's emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual requirements so that the couple attains them collaboratively.

  • Clarity Of Intentions

    A relationship agreement plays a significant role in achieving clarity on the long-term aspirations of the two people as a couple. The agreement must specify the clarity of the couple’s intentions to avoid future legal complications.

What Are the Things to Consider Before Signing a Relationship Agreement?

Everyone involved in a committed relationship may be concerned about their assets. A relationship agreement helps define the rules, obligations, and regulations a couple must follow when they are together. However, a legal attorney must sign the social contract to avoid future complications or disputes. The individuals must consider a few concerns before signing the relationship agreement, as discussed below:

  • The Choice to Choose

    The individuals must decide whether or not they want a relationship agreement and take their time choosing the terms and conditions before asking for an appropriate moment to sign it.

  • Addressing Problems

    Individuals should write their problems separately to ensure that the agreement does not represent the preferences of only one person. The partners must also understand what should or should not be included in the agreement before signing it.

  • Politeness And Hardships

    Couples must ensure that the relationship agreement helps avoid disagreements about different activities, such as household chores, rent payments, and other situations. It should be capable of resolving any conflict and preventing it from recurring.

  • Term Details

    The individuals must decide on a date or a deadline to expire the relationship agreement before they sign it. They can also include reviewing or modifying the terms during the agreement renewal period.

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What Are the Concerns Should You Address in a Relationship Agreement?

The items, rules, and provisions to be included in a relationship agreement may differ depending on the relationship type, past experiences, or future goals. However, here is a list of common concerns that a couple must address in a relationship agreement:

  • Property Details and Finances

    The term included in the contract attempts to cover all properties of both parties, including those they owned before entering the relationship and those earned by both.

  • Inherited Or Acquired Property

    The relationship agreement must address the term specifying the couple's legal property jointly. It may include anniversary gifts, commitment events, or assets received from friends or acquaintances.

  • Expenses

    The agreement must specify how the couple wants to handle their expenditures, including daily utilities, cost of meals, fuel, etc.

  • Separation Or Death

    The relationship agreement must include terms regarding how the property or assets will get divided if either dies or decides to get separated.

  • Conflict Resolution

    All relationship agreements must include terms related to dispute resolution between the couple in case of unforeseen circumstances. It can also suggest alternative resolutions like arbitration or mediation to solve conflicts between partners.

Key Terms Related to a Relationship Agreement

  • Exclusivity: It outlines whether the couple is in an open, exclusive, or custom relationship.
  • Living Arrangement: It decides whether the couple will stay together.
  • Income: It is the earnings of both partners who are in a relationship.
  • Personal Needs: These can range from date nights and romantic acts to family time and solitude.
  • Termination: It specifies the end of a relationship, including the agreement.
  • Liability: It ensures that each partner is liable for every provision in the agreement.


Signing a relationship agreement is one of the wisest things to do as a couple to ensure the surety of individual wealth and other requirements. The document helps define the guidelines or limitations of a particular relationship. A relationship agreement is a complex and legally binding document. That is why it is advisable to seek legal assistance when drafting and reviewing it.

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