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A simple house rental agreement is a document signed between a tenant and a landlord to initiate the tenancy period. The document mentions details about both parties, i.e., the tenant and the landlord. It further outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy to ensure zero discrepancies or legal complications. Both parties must follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the simple house rental agreement.

The relationship between a tenant and a landlord remains cordial every time. However, it is advisable to have a simple house rental agreement in place to avoid conflicts.

What Are the Important Terms to Include in a Simple House Rental Agreement?

A simple house rental agreement is legally binding and enforceable in a court of law and both parties are required to sign it before a tenant gets the temporary possession of a rental property.

House rental agreements are common everywhere but vary according to individual preferences and state or federal laws. However, there are a few important terms a simple house rental agreement must address, as mentioned below:

  • Names Of the Tenants and the Occupants

    The names of the tenants including other documents must be clearly specified in the simple house rental agreement. The agreement must include terms for the tenants, such as paying the full rent amount and obliging with rules and regulations during the tenancy period. A landlord will have the right to terminate the tenancy if the latter violates the agreement rules or fails to pay the fixed amount.

  • Description Of the Property

    The agreement must include the complete address of the rental property, including the building or apartment number and its unit, if applicable. A few parties will also want to note any specific parking or storage areas included in the same term. Similarly, there may be a few areas the tenants cannot access without the landlord's consent.

  • Tenancy Term

    Simple house rental agreements create short-term tenancies that may renew automatically until the tenant or the landlord wants to terminate them. Before signing the agreement, both parties must be specific about the start date and the tenancy length.

  • Rental Price

    The landlord must specify the amount of rent and how it will be paid in the rental agreement. While doing so, they must ensure that the terms comply with state laws. The term details can include acceptable payment methods, late rent fees, and charges on rent check bounces.

  • Security Deposit

    The simple house rental agreement can include a few terms to help avoid some common disputes between tenants and landlords, as mentioned below:

    1. The security deposit amount as per the state laws.
    2. How the landlord might use the security deposit.
    3. Whether the landlord expects the tenant to deposit or replenish in the event, they have to make any deduction during the mid-tenancy period.
    4. When and how will the tenant get back the security deposit and the deduction amount associated with it.
    5. Any non-refundable fees related to the tenancy.
  • Repair and Maintenance Policy

    The best defense against rent withholding issues over security deposits is to clearly mention the repair and maintenance policies in a simple house rental agreement. The policies may include the following criteria:

    1. A tenant's responsibility to maintain the household premises and pay for any damage they cause to the property.
    2. A requirement that the tenant informs the landlord about dangerous or defective conditions, with details of procedures to handle the complaints and repair requests.
    3. Any restrictions on tenant alterations and repairs.
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Landlord's Right to Property

A simple house rental agreement must clarify a landlord's right to access the rental property. The specific term helps avoid allegations, such as illegal entry or violation of privacy rights.

Important Policies and Rules

A landlord must specify all important rules and regulations in the agreement while stating the consequences of not following them. The term enables them to remove or take necessary action against a tenant if the latter violates any tenancy rules.

Moreover, a few other significant rules can be included in a different section.Most landlords commonly include the following policies in a simple house rental agreement:

  • Right to prohibit illegal activities.
  • Right to prohibit or restrict smoking activities.
  • Right to restrict or prohibit pets, if applicable.

Contact Information

The contact information of both the landlord and the tenant must be included in the simple house rental agreement for clear communication. Although verbal conversations may work for a few discussions, both parties must keep a reliable and printable communication medium in writing for all future purposes.

Landlord Disclosures

State, federal, and local laws may require the landlord and the tenant to disclose certain information regarding the rental agreement. All such disclosures must be included in the document to prevent legal complications.

Key Terms Related to a Simple House Rental Agreement

A simple house rental agreement helps protect the rights of the landlord and the tenant. That is why it is important for both parties to understand a few key related terms, as mentioned below.

  • Agreement: A decision or contract two or more people make together.
  • Base Rent: It is the predetermined minimum amount that the tenant must pay every month.
  • Effective Date: It is the date an agreement or transaction takes effect or becomes enforceable.
  • Exclusivity: A provision that prevents the owner from renting out a nearby space to the tenant's competitors.
  • Free Rent: The specified number of rent-free months a landlord offers to a tenant.
  • Premises: Apartment, land, or a building an individual owns for various purposes.
  • Turnkey: A space or property that is ready for accommodation.
  • Usable Square Feet: A common area shared among tenants with usable square feet.
  • Use A provision that specifies how to use the given premises.


The simple house rental agreement is a legal document enforceable by law that helps outline the terms, rules, and provisions between parties for a tenancy period. Due to its complexity, it is recommended to seek legal assistance in drafting and reviewing the agreement.

The best resort for a landlord or a tenant is to seek advice from a legal attorney who has significant experience in dealing with tenancy cases. It will help them prevent missing out on any terms and conditions that need to be added to the agreement.

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