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An EB1 green card is an immigrant visa available to foreign citizens with exceptional abilities or achievements in their respective specializations. Besides, this visa type is introduced for people who excel in distinct domains, including but not restricted to art, science, education, business, and sports, and who strive to become legal permanent citizens (Green Card holders) in the United States. This blog post will give an overview of EB1 green card holders and other relevant details.

Eligibility to Acquire the EB1 Green Card

The EB1 green card exclusively focuses on individuals with extraordinary abilities and is divided into three subgroups. Below are the eligibility criteria that applicants must follow for each subgroup.

EB1A: Extraordinary Ability

The EB1A category is dedicated to individuals demonstrating extraordinary ability in their respective fields. To qualify for an EB1A green card, applicants must meet specific criteria, which include establishing exceptional ability through sustained national or international acclaim. Key requirements include:

  • Extraordinary Ability: Applicants must demonstrate exceptional ability in their field, supported by a substantial body of work, including awards, publications, and recognition by peers or experts.
  • Sustained National or International Acclaim: Evidence of sustained national or international acclaim attained through awards, prestigious organization memberships, or significant accomplishments.
  • Substantial Contributions: EB1 green card visa applicants must demonstrate that their work has considerably influenced their specialization and provide evidence of these contributions.
  • Consistent Work in the Field: Applicants should continue working in their specialization of outstanding proficiency within the United States. Standard specializations for EB1A green card visa applicants include science, technology, arts, business, education, and athletics. Applicants must propose a convincing claim, often with the aid of recommendation letters, accolades, and a well-prepared requisition.

EB1B: Outstanding Professors and Researchers

The EB1B category is tailored to outstanding professors and researchers who have significantly contributed to their respective fields. Qualifications for acquiring an EB1B green card comprise:

  • Job Offer and Three Years Experience: Applicants must hold an employment offer letter for a tenure-track or similar research position at a U.S. university or research institution. Moreover, they must maintain at least three years of teaching experience within their academic specialization.
  • Outstanding Achievements: Evidence of significant achievements, such as publications, awards, and recognitions, must be provided.
  • International Reputation: Demonstrating an international reputation within their field is essential. EB1B is often utilized by scholars, researchers, and professors excelling in academia and research. Strong recommendation letters, a publication record, and documented contributions to the field are vital for a successful petition.

EB1C: Multinational Executives and Managers

The EB1C category is designed for multinational executives and managers transferred to a U.S. office of their international employer. Qualifications for an EB1C green card include:

  • Employment by a Qualifying Multinational Corporation: Applicants must be employed by a multinational corporation seeking to continue in a managerial or executive role in the United States.
  • One Year of Employment: A minimum of one continuous year of employment abroad within the past three years is required.
  • Managerial or Executive Role: Applicants should hold an administrative or executive position, typically involving the oversight of employees and high-level decision-making.
  • Continued Job in the U.S.: Applicants must intend to continue their employment in the United States for the same global corporation in an administrative capacity. EB1C is usually utilized by administrators and supervisors of multinational corporations aiming to establish or diversify their operations in the United States.

Primary Benefits of the EB1 Green Card

The EB1 green card offers several appealing benefits to eligible individuals, making it a highly desirable option. Mentioned hereunder are some fundamental benefits of obtaining an EB1 green card visa:

  • Exempts Labor Certification: In most employment-based green card categories, employers must undergo the labor certification process, demonstrating the unavailability of qualified U.S. workers for the position. However, the EB1 category is exempt from this labor certification requirement. This exemption considerably facilitates the application procedure, reducing organizational responsibilities for both the applicant and the organization.
  • Holds Existing Priority Date: The U.S. government allots green cards based on a person's "priority date," the initial immigrant requisition filing date. Many green card categories experience substantial backlogs and long waiting durations, but the EB1 category generally holds a current priority date. It signifies competent applicants can obtain their green cards relatively quickly.
  • Includes Dependents’ Eligibility: In their application, recipients of the EB1 green card can include their immediate family members, typically including a spouse and unmarried children under 21. Once approved, these dependents can also obtain green cards and enjoy the same benefits as the principal EB1 green card holder.
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Tips for a Successful Application of the EB1 Green Card

Below are the tips to successfully obtain an EB1 green card application:

  • Consulting with an Immigration Attorney: Collaborating with an experienced immigration attorney specializing in employment-based green cards can significantly enhance the chances of a successful application.
  • Starting Early: Initiate the application process as soon as possible to allow time for gathering the necessary documentation and addressing potential issues.
  • Securing Strong Letters of Recommendation: Ensure that recommendation letters come from credible sources who can attest to the applicant's extraordinary abilities or accomplishments.
  • Consulting with Experts: Seek guidance from professionals in a similar field who can help navigate the application process and provide credible evidence.
  • Comprehensively Preparing for Visa Interviews: If EB1 green card interviews are needed, it is rational to remain well-prepared for interviews at U.S. embassies. Also, staying well-versed in the procedure and providing honest and transparent responses is necessary.
  • Planning Ahead: Consider the long-term goals, such as U.S. citizenship, and plan immigration strategy accordingly.

Key Terms for EB1 Green Cards

  • Outstanding Professorship: A subcategory of EB1B for professors who have significantly contributed to their academic field.
  • Researcher of International Recognition: Another subcategory of EB1B for researchers who have garnered widespread recognition and acclaim.
  • Alien of Extraordinary Achievement: A term sometimes used in place of "Extraordinary Ability" for EB1A applicants.
  • Portability: The ability of certain green card applicants to change jobs or employers without jeopardizing their green card status.
  • Priority Worker Category: The group of immigrant visas that includes the EB1 visa classifications.
  • I-485 Application: The Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, filed by green card applicants to adjust their status within the United States.
  • Visa Retrogression: A phenomenon where visa numbers for specific categories become unavailable, causing delays in the green card application process.
  • Premium Processing Service: A faster processing option for I-140 petitions that allows for quicker adjudication of the EB1 green card application.
  • Concurrent Filing: The ability to submit the I-140 and I-485 applications simultaneously for specific employment-based green card categories.
  • Child Derivative Status: Eligibility for the minor children of primary EB1 applicants to obtain green cards as dependents.

Final Thoughts on EB1 Green Cards

The EB1 green card is a prestigious and sought-after option for individuals with extraordinary abilities, outstanding research or teaching accomplishments, and multinational executive or managerial experience. Moreover, to succeed in acquiring an EB1 green card, applicants must fulfill specific eligibility benchmarks and prepare a thorough requisition supported by comprehensive documentation. While the application process can be complicated, working with a proficient immigration attorney can considerably improve an applicant's probability of success.

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Robert is a skilled corporate lawyer, licensed to practice law in NY and DC. He has over 25 years of experience, with a focus on Venture Capital, Private Equity, M&A, General Business Law and Company Formation. Robert brings business side experience to every legal transactions. This allows him to shape a client's legal needs around its business goals to drive success in an effective and efficient manner.

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