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An option grant is a type of compensation offered by companies in the United States to their employees or directors. It gives the recipient the right but obligated, to purchase a specified number of shares of the company's stock at a predetermined price (called the " strike price ") within a set period. Option grants are typically used as an incentive for employees or directors to align their interests with those of the company's shareholders.

How Does an Option Grant Work?

When an employee receives an option grant, they can purchase a certain number of shares of the company's stock at the strike price. The strike price is set at the stock's current market price at the time of the grant. The employee can purchase these shares at any time during the option period, typically 10 years.

Once the option period has expired, the employee can no longer purchase the shares. If the stock's market price has risen above the strike price, the employee can purchase the shares and sell them immediately for a profit. This is known as exercising the option. If the stock's market price is lower than the strike price, the employee may choose not to exercise the option and let it expire.

What are the Benefits of Option Grants for Employers?

  • Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

    Option grants are a powerful tool for retaining top talent in a competitive job market. By providing employees with a stake in the company's success, employers can incentivize them to work harder and stay with the company for longer.

  • Cost-Effective

    Option grants are a cost-effective way for companies to compensate employees compared to traditional salary increases or bonuses.

    The employee must purchase the stock, the cost to the company is limited to the administrative expenses associated with the grant.

  • Aligning Incentives

    Option grants align with the incentives of employees and shareholders, as employees benefit from the company's success and stock price.

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What are the Benefits of Option Grants for Employees?

  • Potential for Wealth Creation

    The most significant benefit of option grants for employees is the potential for wealth creation. If the company's stock price increases, employees who have exercised their options can sell their shares for a profit.

  • Motivation

    Option grants can give employees a sense of ownership in the company and motivate them to work harder and contribute to its success.

  • Diversification

    Option grants allow employees to diversify their investment portfolio and potentially reduce their risk.

What are the Drawbacks of Option Grants?

  • Risk : The biggest drawback of option grants is the risk associated with stock ownership. The value of the stock may decrease, and employees could lose money.
  • Complexity : Option grants can be complex and difficult to understand, particularly for employees unfamiliar with the stock market.
  • Tax implications : The tax implications of option grants can be complex and may result in significant tax liability for employees who exercise their options.

What are the Essentials of an Option Grant?

  • Grantee: The person or entity receiving the option.
  • Grantor: The company or organization granting the option.
  • Exercise Price : The price at which the grantee may purchase the underlying security (e.g. stock).
  • Vesting Period: The period during which the grantee must meet certain conditions before they can exercise the option.
  • Expiration Date: The date after which the option can no longer be exercised.
  • Option Type: The type of option, either a non-qualified stock option (NSO) or an incentive stock option (ISO).
  • Strike Price: The price at which the grantee may purchase the underlying security.
  • Number of Shares: The number of shares subject to the option.
  • Plan Document: A written document outlining the terms and conditions of the option grant.

Key Terms

  • Strike Price : The price at which the holder can buy or sell the underlying stock.
  • Exercise Date : The date on which the holder can exercise the option.
  • Expiration Date : The date after which the option can no longer be exercised.
  • Vesting : The process by which an employee gradually acquires the right to exercise their stock options.
  • Option Type : Options can be either American-style or European-style. American-style options can be exercised before the expiration date, and European-style options can only be exercised on the expiration date.


Option grants are a type of employee compensation that allows employees to purchase company stock at a discounted price. While option grants have many benefits for employers and employees, they also come with risks and tax implications that should be carefully considered.

As with any compensation, it's important for both employers and employees to fully understand the terms and conditions of an option grant before deciding whether it's the right choice for them. ContractsCounsel will help you go through each section of options.

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