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A commission agreement is used when an individual or business sells for or introduces clients to any third party to receive any commission for the sale. Generating some sales through commission is an excellent way to earn some extra cash. Yet, the interested parties must make sure that their rights are protected and that their revenue streams are secured. This is why these people need a contract to formalize this agreement. Let us learn more about the important aspects of a commission agreement below.

Important Clauses in a Commission Agreement

A commission agreement can be different based on the specific region in the United States. However, it does include certain common clauses like:

  • Agency: Either party always appoints an agent and gives the person some exclusive or non-exclusive rights. This particular clause always covers the basic information about the specific nature of the work. It may also talk about the purpose for which the commission agreement was signed by both parties.
  • Independent Contractor: This clause verifies whether the relationship is of an independent contractor for multiple parties.
  • Duties: This clause shall always lay down the duties of the associated agent or the employees of the company, as the case may be anywhere in the United States.
  • Insurance: The agent will carry liability insurance under this particular clause. It is usually related to the product, service, or property for which the commission agreement was signed.
  • Obligation: It is an important commitment that needs to be carried out by both parties after they sign the agreement.
  • Compensation and Benefits: It shall include all the related terms and conditions applicable under the commission agreement as mutually agreed between the parties.
  • Expenses: It shall lay down all the expenses to be reimbursed to the respective agent or any other party as part of the commission agreement.
  • Term: According to this clause, the commission agreement shall expire within a specific time unless the earlier terms are renewed.
  • Post-termination: Either party must not disclose confidential information about the terms and conditions of the agreement without prejudice.

Note: Check out this sample commission agreement for your reference.

Benefits of a Commission Agreement

A commission agreement offers several advantages for both the business and the sales representative. These include:

  • Aligning Expectations: A commission agreement establishes expectations between both parties. It defines all the professional objectives that each party is committed to achieving. That is why it leads to a better mutual understanding of expectations and expected results.
  • Giving Motivation and Commitment: An objectives clause in the commission agreement can motivate both parties to surpass themselves and give their best by setting precise objectives. It stimulates commitment by giving employees targets to reach and making them accountable for their respective missions.
  • Doing Performance Evaluation: The objectives defined in the agreement always enable an individual’s performance to be assessed objectively. They provide a measurable criterion to assess each employee's achievements and contributions. This makes it easier to evaluate performance during annual appraisals or periodic reviews.
  • Aiding in Professional Development: The same agreement can further encourage professional development by setting targets for skill enhancement. It can also encourage employees to undergo training and acquire new skills. They can develop professionally to achieve the objectives set by the respective business.
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Things to Keep in Mind When Working on a Commission Agreement

A particular business's commission plan always forms the foundation of the official commission agreement. Everyone wants the final contract to be efficient enough to cover all kinds of potential scenarios that could arise during the agreement's course.

That is why either party should keep the following things in mind when working on a properly drafted agreement:

  • Earning the Commission: The commission agreement should spell out exactly when the respective sales representatives earn their commission. For example, depending on the circumstances of the sale, there can be a big difference between crediting a sales agent with commissions when an order is booked and when the order is paid for.
  • Paying the Commission: The commission agreement should also state when the amounts are to be paid to the respective parties. This further includes specifying the respective date up to which the particular amount of each payment is going to be calculated. For example, the said legal agreement might state that commissions are to be paid on the 30th of every month. It must also specify each commission payment, which includes the specific amounts earned as of the seventh of each month.
  • Analyzing the Consequences: Refunds, cancellations, or default of payment always have consequences, doesn't it? Every sale a business makes is a final one in the world of sales. Yet, several events can happen to turn a sale into a sale, as is known to several business owners. That is why the commission agreement always needs to account for any of these situations. This also involves analyzing the impact they may have on commissions. It does not matter whether the agreement is about the return of a product for a refund, a customer who defaults on payment, or the cancellation of an order.
  • Knowing the Commission Formula: The commission agreement should always give details of all aspects of the commission structure. This will be regardless of whether the sales representative is paid a salary plus commissions or remains under a commission-only compensation plan. The details related to the same should include the amount the said representative is to be paid for each sale they make. It must also be the equation used to determine the sales amount on which that said commission is calculated.
  • Checking the Performance Incentives: Many small and large businesses offer their sales representatives incentives to motivate them to achieve more sales. The best examples include giving bonuses on reaching a specific number of sales and implementing a commission structure where the percentages paid out are tiered.

Key Terms for Commission Agreements

  • Commission Structure: A system in the sales industry that usually details how different companies compensate their sales associates.
  • Gross Margin: The percentage of a particular company's revenue that is often retained after direct expenses have been subtracted.
  • Indemnity Clause: This term requires one party to reimburse the other to recover all kinds of damages from third-party claims.
  • Documentation: Any written form of communication that defines a product, service, or any other kind of entity.
  • Additional Bonuses: An extra amount of money given to the sales representative for showing good performance or doing additional tasks.

Final Thoughts on Commission Agreements

A commission agreement always sets out the details of the specific amount to be paid by the particular business. It usually goes to their respective sales representatives. Everyone must have such a legal document in place that may further help protect the business from any kind of liability in the future. If that is not enough, the sales representative also benefits from the same agreement because they get their salaries and bonuses on time. However, everyone must follow caution when drafting the commission agreement to avoid missing out on things or making errors. An experienced attorney can surely help both parties with this particular document.

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Attorney Lois Li is a bilingual business and commercial attorney licensed in Michigan, U.S. since 2014, in Ontario, Canada since 2015, and in New York, U.S. since 2020. As an attorney licensed in two countries, Lois leads Alpine Law’s US/China/Canada practice. She is experienced in legal and contractual transactions in both English and Chinese. Lois has over six years of experience in assisting clients with business operations and legal services, and is specialized in advising companies with legal needs in International Business, Securities law, Cryptocurrency – Block chain, and Fin-Tech. Having served as both an outside and an in-house counsel, Lois worked with many startup and small businesses. With a strong understanding of core business and the ability to translate business needs into legal requirements, Lois has assisted many companies to establish policies and procedures, and drafted and negotiated employment and transaction contracts. Further licensed as a Registered Nurse since 2010, Lois specializes in healthcare law and is experienced in FDA, HIPAA, Medicare and Medicaid regulations. She has assisted many businesses in the medical and healthcare industry.

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