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An NNN commercial lease, or triple net lease, is a kind of lease contract where the lessee is accountable for settling all expenditures for the rented property. This includes insurance, property taxes, and maintenance. This blog post will cover the fundamentals of NNN commercial leases and why they are becoming prevalent among tenants and commercial property owners.

Key Aspects of NNN Commercial Lease

A NNN commercial lease refers to a lease contract where the lessee is accountable for settling all expenditures associated with the property. It indicates that the owner is not liable for any of these expenditures, and the renter is solely answerable. In addition, the phrase “NNN” stands for “triple net”, which are the three expenditures the lessee is accountable for settling. Some of the key aspects of an NNN commercial lease:

  • Lessor Accountability

    The lessor is generally accountable for the structural elements of the rental facility. The lessor may be accountable for some upkeep, as agreed upon in the NNN lease.

  • Lessee Accountability

    The lessee has complete authority over the rental property during the lease duration. Tenants are accountable for settling insurance, property taxes, and maintenance expenses in addition to rent.

  • Length of NNN Lease

    Triple net or NNN leases are generally more extended than conventional leases, varying from 10-25 years

  • Property Usage

    Usage of the rental property is limited to the specific use summarized in the lease contract

  • Rental Structure

    Rent in NNN commercial lease is generally higher than in a conventional lease to compensate for the extra obligations of the lessee.

  • Renewal Alternatives

    Renewal choices may be incorporated in the lease contract, allowing the lessee to rent the property after the primary lease term has been completed.

What Makes NNN Commercial Lease So Popular?

NNN commercial leases are becoming exceptionally prevalent for numerous reasons. Initially, they deliver stability for the lessor, as they understand that the lessees will take care of and settle the expenditures associated with the commercial rental property. It lets the landlord concentrate on other facets of their business and lowers their accountabilities concerning the rental property.

Secondly, NNN or triple net commercial leases can deliver a higher level of authority for the lessee, as they can regulate and handle the expenditures associated with the commercial property. It can lead to cost savings for the lessee, as they can negotiate more profitable property taxes and insurance rates. Besides, the renter can make any required modifications or improvements to the property, enhancing its worth and attracting more clients.

Ultimately, NNN commercial leases deliver more adaptability for the lessor and the lessee. The property owner is not accountable for any expenditures associated with the commercial property, which implies they are free to invest their resources and time into other business areas. The tenant is also free to make any necessary improvements or upgrades to the property, which can improve its value and attract more customers.

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NNN Or Triple Net Commercial Lease Tips

You must evaluate several factors when negotiating a NNN or Triple net commercial lease. Primarily, it is necessary to thoughtfully examine the commercial lease contract and comprehend all the obligations and responsibilities associated with the rental property. The NNN commercial property lease should determine the expenditures the lessee is accountable for and the amount they must pay.

Furthermore, it is also vital to comprehend the regional real estate domain, as this can influence the expense of insurance and property taxes. The lessee should analyze and comprehend the average cost of these expenditures, as this can assist them in negotiating a more favorable commercial lease contract.

Ultimately, the lessee should assess their long-term objectives and decide whether a NNN commercial lease is the most suitable option. For instance, if the lessee plans to make significant modifications to the property, they may want to negotiate a commercial lease contract that provides them more authority over the expenditures associated with the rental property.

Triple Net Lease Provisions

Commercial real estate investors prefer net leases since they absolve lessors of some of the threats and expenditures of property ownership. Moreover, landlords obtain the least risk in a triple-net or NNN commercial lease since their lessees are accountable for maintenance, insurance, and taxes.

Nevertheless, most NNN or triple net commercial leases are slightly more complicated than this simple contract. A typical triple-net or NNN lease can comprise many distinct provisions and stipulations. Below are a few common clauses of the NNN commercial lease.

  • Lease Term

    Some NNN commercial leases comprise a termination provision that defines the duration in which the lease is functional. This provision allows lessees to assess the viability of the commercial area relative to their expected development.

    It also safeguards investors from lessees who don't keep the property as agreeably as expected. A renewal clause can let lessees continue the commercial lease after the existing term lapses. And the most prevalent NNN commercial lease terms vary between 10 and 15 years.

  • Rent Clause

    Rent should always remain part of any leasing contract, but a rent provision can help change this prerequisite. For example, a rent clause can comprise automatic rent changes (e.g., a rent decrease/increase after one year).

  • Property Use Provision

    A property use clause specifies parameters for the lessee's use of the commercial area. In some circumstances, this may be impacted by zoning limitations in your area, though owners can stipulate the type of enterprise activities for which the establishment may be used.

NNN Commercial Leases and Financing

As in any commercial leasing arrangement, credit matters, but owners must ensure that lessees can handle the property's financial obligations for triple net leases. Generally, you'll want to rent the property to "credit lessees," which refers to those with a healthy credit record and a high possibility of making routine, timely payments.

In addition, these credit ratings indicate the tenant's capability to fulfill their financial responsibilities. Checking the credit rating is essential because leasing to non-credit lessees carries an improved risk that you won't get rent payments on time or the lessee will not maintain the commercial property as decided.

Key Terms

  • Rent: The sum of money settled by the lessee to the owner for the use of a rental property.
  • Security Deposit: A sum of money offered by the lessee to the owner at the beginning of a lease as a form of safety.
  • Term: The duration for which a lease contract is in effect.
  • Default: A condition in which the lessor or the lessee fails to meet their responsibilities under the lease contract.
  • Renewal: The procedure of expanding the duration of a lease contract after it has expired.


Overall, NNN commercial leases are becoming prevalent among commercial property landlords and lessees, as they deliver authority for the lessee, stability for the owner, and flexibility for both parties. Moreover, when negotiating a NNN or triple net commercial lease, it is necessary to carefully review the lease agreement and hire our expert attorneys at ContractsCounsel to understand the regional real estate market and consider one's long-term objectives. Regarding these considerations, a NNN commercial lease agreement can be a useful alternative for tenants and lessors.

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