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The EB3 visa is an employment-based immigrant visa that permits foreign workers to live and work in the United States while obtaining permanent status. It embraces variety by being divided into three different pathways. The EB3 visa provides skilled workers, manual laborers, and exceptional immigrants with a path to the American dream. Here, there is hope for exceptional immigrants (EB3C), unskilled employees (EB3B) in less demanding positions, and skilled workers (EB3A) with two years of experience. A U.S. firm must first submit a labor certification demonstrating the dearth of local talent before beginning this route. The employer may support the petition for an immigrant visa once it has been granted. However, the journey's success depends on annual quotas and the applicant's place of origin, which gives this American dream a bit of uncertainty.

Steps to Obtain the EB3 Visa

Below are the steps to apply for an EB3 visa and provide a window into the process of becoming a permanent resident of the United States:

  1. Secure a Labor Certificate. The procedure begins with the employer acquiring a labor certification. To demonstrate that there are no available qualified American workers, the business must perform recruitment activities such as advertising the position and interviewing U.S. candidates. The DOL's approval ensures that hiring a foreign worker will not have a negative impact on job possibilities or salaries for American workers.
  2. Begin the Immigrant Petition Filing Procedure. After that, the employer submits the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, to USCIS. This document is the cornerstone for the foreign national's eligibility within the designated EB3 category and must be carefully completed and documented.
  3. Set a Priority Date. Assigning a priority date upon completing Form I-140 is vital because of the annual limitations on EB3 visa numbers. Foreign applicants need to wait patiently while their applications are processed. They constantly monitor the Visa Bulletin throughout this period for changes, anxious to learn when their priority date will progress to a current status.
  4. Participate in the Interview Process. The foreign national will be interviewed depending on the processing method chosen. Attending an interview at a USCIS office is required for people altering their status in the United States. Those who choose consular processing will be interviewed at a United States embassy or consulate. These interviews aim to determine the foreign national's eligibility for the EB3 visa.
  5. Understand the EB3 Visa Subcategories. The EB3 visa has several subcategories that are geared to certain employment-based immigrants. These include skilled employees, unskilled laborers, and special immigrant religious workers, each having different qualifying standards based on their talents, experience, and credentials.
  6. File for Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing. The foreign worker who has been identified as the recipient of an EB3 visa must submit a Form I-485 to USCIS to request an adjustment of status. The procedure of changing your status takes roughly 9 months. One advantage of adjusting status is that employment authorization (EAD) and advance parole (travel permission) are normally issued within 6 months.

Opportunities Provided by the EB3 Visa

EB3 visa provides numerous opportunities, as summarized here:

  • Choosing a Career: A wide range of professions, including skilled workers, unskilled laborers, and professionals, are included in the EB3 visa system. Due to the extraordinarily different prerequisites, it is an inclusive option that can accept various individuals, regardless of their unique abilities, credentials, or educational backgrounds.
  • Obtaining Healthcare and Education in the United States: Holders of EB3 visas enjoy the privileges of being lawful permanent residents in the United States. This status qualifies them for numerous government programs, such as healthcare and public education. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to explore educational options, which may include extending their studies and improving their professional prospects and personal development while living in the United States.
  • Changing Firms Easily: The EB3 visa gives more freedom than certain work visas, restricting job opportunities to particular firms. Holders of EB3 visas can typically change jobs without jeopardizing their immigration status, hence broadening their career options.
  • Offering Path to U.S. Citizenship: Holders of EB3 visas may choose to seek citizenship after retaining their green card status for a predetermined amount of time. Their full absorption into American culture is facilitated by this transition, which offers them full citizenship rights, including the capacity to cast a ballot and take part in federal initiatives.
  • Protecting Labor Rights: Those on EB3 visas benefit under the umbrella of U.S. labor laws, which ensures equal treatment in the workplace. This includes fundamental measures such as access to minimum wage requirements, the assurance of safe and healthy working conditions, and the right to fair and comprehensive employment benefits.
  • Enjoying Family Sponsorship Privileges: Lawful permanent residents, especially those with EB3 visas, can sponsor certain family members for green cards. Spouses, children, and unmarried sons and daughters are often eligible for sponsorship. This family reunion mechanism fosters family togetherness by allowing loved ones to join and remain in the United States together, strengthening the social fabric and interconnectivity of these newly created permanent resident households.
  • Investing Possibilities: The possibility to investigate investment prospects in American companies and endeavors is one important benefit for holders of EB3 visas. By doing this, they support development across various industries and contribute to economic growth and employment creation. They may promote new employment development, boost local economies, and encourage entrepreneurship with their investments. Foreign nationals can participate fully in the American corporate scene because of this win-win agreement, which also boosts the country's wealth.
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Key Terms for EB3 Visas

  • Priority Day: The day on which USCIS receives the Form I-140 petition. This date is important for establishing the foreign national's place in the queue for visa processing, especially if there are yearly numerical restrictions.
  • Visa Bulletin: A monthly publication from the U.S. The Department of State, the Visa Bulletin, provides information on visa availability, including the most recent priority dates for the EB3 visa category.
  • I-140 Form: The Immigrant Apply for Alien Worker (I-140) form is used by the employer to apply for an EB3 visa on behalf of the foreign worker.
  • I-485 Form: A foreign worker uses the form to apply for a green card, the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.
  • Labor Certification: It is the process by which a U.S. firm establishes the lack of eligible American employees for a specific job capacity, which is required for sponsoring foreign workers under employment-based immigration programs such as the EB3 visa.

Final Thoughts on EB3 Visas

The EB3 visa program provides essential mobility for foreign nationals seeking to pursue their American aspirations and obtain permanent residency in the country. Despite its difficulties, it encourages both individual and professional growth, making it a desirable choice. By embracing a wide variety of abilities and talents, the program helps the candidates and improves the country as a whole.

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