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The A2 visa is a category of visa given by the United States to enable government diplomats and their immediate relatives to visit the US for official work. This legal professional provides consultation and support to government diplomats through the legal procedures, paperwork, and numerous application processes required for obtaining an A2 visa. They accompany statements that, with all filings, set forth the reasons for admission and explain all attachments to leave no doubt in the minds of immigration agents reviewing the application for an A2 visa. This blog post will delve into a lawyer's duties for an A2 visa and more.

Steps to Apply for an A2 Visa

Applying for a visa includes various steps; following them diligently is essential for completing the process. The steps are as follows.

  1. Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria. The primary stage of the A2 application procedure concerns defining the eligibility of the applicant’s parents. The applicant for the A2 visa must also fulfill the following criteria:
    • Must be a government employee
    • Must be visiting for official purposes
    • Government officials representing visiting the United States based for at most 90 days, on the written request of the country to perform official, government-related duties
    • Foreign military members stationed at a U.S. military base
    • Delegation representatives of the European Union and African Union
    • Immediate relatives of an A2 visa holder
  2. Verify the Government Approval. A diplomatic notice must be submitted, which is the government’s confirmation of the status and the official purpose for which the applicant is moving to the United States. To successfully compile the visa process, the government must provide a diplomatic note to all A2 visa applicants outside the United States within the prescribed time. The following must be satisfied through the note:
    • The government official's or employee's name and date of birth.
    • The government official's position, title, place of assignment or visit,
    • The note must also provide the purpose of travel and a brief description of their duties.
    • The prescribed travel date and the anticipated length of the tour of duty or stay in the United States
    • Relevant details of the dependents and other household members who may be accompanying the principal A2 applicant.

      For an immediate family member of the principal A2 applicant, certain documents must be submitted. The visa form and Form I-94 must be submitted to USCIS in the prescribed manner. They shall then forward the application to the local U.S. embassy or consulate in their country for consular processing.

  3. Complete Form DS-160. Following the approval of the application form, the application and form I-94 are transferred from the USCIS to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC initially provides a confirmation or receipt number. In the subsequent communication, they issue the visa number. Upon receiving this immigrant visa number, the applicant must complete Form DS-160, the nonimmigrant visa application, for further processing. The form and accompanying evidence are sent to the concerned authorities which handle the application. The NVC may request additional information from the applicant to ensure the relationship's legitimacy. After processing, the application is forwarded to the embassy.
  4. Undergo Medical Examination. The next stage is the medical examination conducted by the United States government-authorized physician. The applicants undergo tests for various illnesses and diseases and a comprehensive mental and physical evaluation during this examination. The doctor reviews their medical history and vaccine records and screens for drug and alcohol abuse. To prepare for the medical examination, the applicant should bring:
    • The green card interview letter from the NVC
    • Vaccination records
    • Documents of their medical history
    • A photo ID proof
  5. Comply Biometric Data Examination. Following the medical examination, the applicant must schedule a biometrics appointment. This appointment involves capturing photos and collecting fingerprints. For applicants or government officials of an A2 visa, the appointment typically occurs at the USCIS. This appointment involves verifying the applicant's identity and eligibility and conducting background checks.
  6. Attend the A2 Interview. The final step before obtaining an A2 visa is the interview. A USCIS officer conducts this interview, and the applicant must confirm the accuracy and validity of the information provided in their application. They must accurately give answers related to their official stay for work and other important or relevant information that may be required to complete the process. Also, the required documents for the interview include a valid birth certificate, among others.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for the A2 Visa

A lawyer's A2 visa can provide numerous benefits. Proper legal guidance in their creation and filing can help ensure the parties comply with the law.

  • Ensuring Legal Precision: Lawyers are skilled in preparing the A2 visa application form in precise legal language. When creating or filing an A2 visa, this precision ensures that the documentation and other paperwork are clear, unambiguous, and legally sound, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or legal challenges.
  • Providing Up-to-date Knowledge: Laws and regulations change over time. A lawyer specializing in immigration law stays current with legal developments, ensuring that application and documentation comply with any new legal requirements.
  • Offering Protection against Legal Challenges: Professionally prepared application forms are less vulnerable to legal challenges. A lawyer's expertise minimizes the risk of invalidating an application. Lawyers can also identify potential legal risks and liabilities associated with the application and provide strategies to mitigate these risks, protecting the company's interests.
  • Reducing Legal Costs: Investing in a lawyer for an application from the outset can help prevent costly legal disputes and complications, potentially saving the company money in the long term.
  • Streamlining the Process: Immigration paperwork, including the A2 visa application, can be complex and time-consuming. Hiring a lawyer can help streamline the process, reducing administrative burdens and allowing employers and employees to focus on their responsibilities without getting bogged down in paperwork and legal intricacies.
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Key Terms for A2 Visas

  • Visa Application Form: The official paperwork required to initiate the A2 visa application process.
  • Interview Process: An in-person or virtual meeting to assess the legitimacy of the marital relationship.
  • Derivative Applicant: A derivative applicant is a family member or support staff member who applies for an A2 visa based on their relationship with a principal applicant.
  • Visa Processing Time: The duration it takes for the government to assess and approve an A2 visa application.
  • Appeal Process: The legal pathway to challenge a visa rejection at the appropriate forum.
  • DS-160: Application form for nonimmigrant applicants.
  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record: It is an official record of the entry and exit of nonimmigrant visitors.
  • USCIS Officer: The US officer responsible for interviewing for an A2 visa.

Final Thoughts on A2 Visas

A2 visa allows the government official to visit the foreign land and permits the immediate relatives to accompany them. The application is a very intricate process and night requires the help of a professional advocate. However, before applying for the same, it is a good option to go through all the steps and understand the importance of every valuable document required to complete the process successfully. All the documents submitted must be authentic, and the government official must be prepared for the interview. If everything goes well, the whole process becomes smooth, and the visa is received as early as possible without any hindrance.

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