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An apartment rental agreement legally holds the lessee and the landlord liable and safeguards their rights. Make sure to always consult a professional real estate attorney to help draft an apartment rental agreement containing all the relevant information related to your rental requirements.

How Can a Lawyer For Rental Agreement Help You?

Sometimes tenants and landlords come to an oral agreement on the tenancy rather than signing a rent agreement. Some people may choose to formalize the agreement and include stipulations relating to the tenancy, but they may choose not to print the document. It is because if a rent agreement is made and registered, both sides will be required to pay a registration fee. Once the rent agreement is deemed lawful by the court, the landlord will also be required to disclose his rental revenue.

However, it is against the law to engage in a rental agreement without getting it registered. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional attorney who can help you get your apartment rental agreement registered with the sub-office.

Moreover, the attorney can also assist you in obtaining the registrar's validation of a contract with the specified terms and conditions and registering it is advantageous to both parties. Moreover, upon registration, the lawyer can get the apartment lease sealed and stamped.

Next, the attorney will ask the tenant and the landlord to sign the agreement in the presence of two witnesses and pay the necessary fee. Landlords and tenants would need to appear before the authority to have the lease registered if states established rent authorities in cities following the passage of the draught law.

What's Included in the Rental Agreement?

According to the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA), lease terms include the leasing location and dates, among other things. The contract also specifies utilities, the required deposit, the rent amount, and the permitted payment methods. Once you have signed it, it becomes a legally enforceable contract between you and the owner or leasing firm.

It might also not be wrong to say that a rental agreement safeguards and respects both the landlord and the lessee, and each tenant is legally bound by all provisions of the rental agreement. In addition, the rental agreement should also comprise the rent duration and the parties' obligations and rights and might also be useful in resolving any problems that might develop regarding the flat or property.

What Is an Apartment Rental Agreement?

When you rent an apartment, you will sign a rental agreement (also known as a lease agreement ). This legal document outlines your obligations as a tenant. If the landlord owns a small number of flats, the rental agreement will likely be brief and straightforward.

On the other hand, if the landlord owns several apartments, the agreement will likely be lengthy, ranging from five to 10 pages. In any scenario, the apartment lease agreement covers several significant points in addition to the precise sum of rent you'll be paying and the due date for that payment.

You have greater flexibility when extending your lease or leaving the apartment if you stay there for a shorter period, like one year. On the other hand, a longer lease period typically enables you to lock in a specific rent (no price increase). However, even if a provision specifies the rent increase in the coming years, if the tenant vacates the property before the term is finished, they will forfeit their security deposit. Moreover, if the landlord decides to sue the lessee, they will be responsible for paying the entire rent due during the term, whether or not you reside there.

Furthermore, most property owners require a security deposit to protect themselves if the lessee default on your rent payments and to pay off for any damage caused to the premise by the tenant. You will receive your security deposit returned when you vacate the flat in good condition, and if repairs are required, the cost will be subtracted. Also, many landlords demand a two-month security deposit to prevent their tenants from skipping the last month's payment, leaving them with nothing to use for repairs.

While some apartments may include some utilities in the rent, others may require tenants to pay for all utilities (water, gas, electricity, rubbish pickup, heat, etc.). You can even come across writing that asks you to promise not to waste the landlord's provided utilities. So ensure you always understand whether your lease entirely or partially covers any utilities.

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What Is the Difference Between Rental and Lease Agreement

The lease's length and the monthly rent are specified in writing and cannot be altered in a lease agreement. It ensures that neither the tenant nor the landlord can vacate the premises whenever they want to without facing any legal action. Moreover, the leasing agreement remains in existence for the period specified in the agreement before being deemed terminated. The existing lease's terms are not required to be renewed, and the landlord can alter the conditions and monthly rent as needed.

Some tenants choose to sign a longer-term lease if the monthly rent is very affordable and in a location where rentals are affordable. On the other hand, a rental agreement is different from a lease agreement in that it is typically a month-to-month arrangement rather than a long-term contract. This month-to-month leasing arrangement expires and is then automatically renewed each month if both parties agree.

A month-to-month lease contains all the same restrictions as a conventional lease agreement, but at the end of each month, either the renter or the landlord may change the terms of the agreement.

Key Terms

  • Co-tenant: Co-tenants are two (or more) individuals who enter into a rental agreement with the objective that both or all will inhabit the apartment and be equally accountable for rent settlements and other lease requirements.
  • Fixed-term Lease: A fixed-term lease defines a specified duration, generally 12 months, that a lessee decides to rent the apartment. It varies from a month-to-month lease contract, under which a tenant can settle the rent every month and decide whether or not to use the property the following month.
  • Lien: The privilege of a lessor to retain possession of a tenant's property until a debt has been settled.
  • Notice to Vacate: A legal statement provided to the lessor by a lessee saying they plan to end occupancy of the rental property and not renew the agreement.
  • Security Deposit: A security deposit is the additional funds you present to your landlord upon entering into a lease agreement moving in that includes any harm you might do to your apartment or make defaults on rent payments.


To ensure your rental apartment agreement always remains enforceable, you must outline every clause in detail to avoid misunderstandings. Also, as this document would help you remain guarded against legal actions during any breach, hiring our professional attorneys at ContractsCounsel, who can help you draft a comprehensive rental agreement, is essential and is in your best interests.

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