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What Is a Cleaning Contract?

A cleaning contract is a legal document between a housekeeper and employer or janitor and building management.

A commercial cleaning contract may be included in a property management agreement.

As a service contract, this document verifies that a person will exchange their cleaning services for a specified payment.

The cleaning contract outlines who will perform cleaning services and how they will do so, how often they will occur, what areas will be cleaned, and how the client will be charged.

Additional terms you might see this type of legal document referred to as include:

  • Janitorial services agreement
  • Maid service agreement
  • Housekeeping agreement
  • Cleaning services agreement or cleaning services contract

The contract is shared between an individual or company and the person requesting the services. This could be:

  • A private homeowner
  • An office manager
  • A property manager
  • A building management firm

You can learn more about what a contract does and what it entails in this article.

What’s Included in a Cleaning Contract?

A cleaning agreement includes all relevant details to an individual’s or company’s cleaning duties. In some cases, it may tie into a painting contract or even a renovation contract.

The cleaning contract may be between a housekeeper maintaining a home or a professional cleaning company servicing an office space.

If you are a housekeeper, janitor, or own a cleaning company, having a detailed contract between you and each client helps you manage your business more effectively while reducing liability risk.

It is important to include several key elements in the contract before receiving any cleaning services:

1. Scope of Work

The cleaning agreement should describe precisely what type of services and nature of cleaning someone should perform. This may include mopping, vacuuming, window cleaning, dusting furniture, removing and relining waste bins, washing laundry and linens, etc.

Make a list of the responsibilities to be performed and how often they should be done. For example, a janitor may clean the floors of a residential apartment building every day, mop the lobby once per week, and clean exterior windows monthly.

There should be a clearly defined scope of work in terms of both services and time. This sets expectations for the cleaning provider and ensures there are no misunderstandings before the onset of work.

If there are any time constraints, such as after-hours office cleaning, these should also be noted.

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2. Fees

The contract should clearly state how much the cleaning company or individual charges for their services. For example, is their rate hourly, weekly, or fixed for a set period of time, e.g., $2000 for four months?

You should also include the regularity of payments and payment methods, such as a wire bank transfer every week, Venmo or Paypal, or cash.

Suppose you are a professional offering services and charge down payments or deposits. In that case, these should also be factored into the contract and paid accordingly before performing any services.

3. Dates and Times of Service

The frequency and time period of all cleaning services should be provided. For example, you may wish to have a housekeeper service your home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and noon.

Businesses, residential properties, and commercial spaces should all provide clear timeframes for cleaning service providers to work with.

Additionally, you should specify the total duration of services. Contracts may be signed for a concurrent year. Renewals can occur after each period if a client wishes to continue to receive cleaning services.

4. Location of Service

The cleaning agreement should provide a complete outline of all areas to be cleaned. This can also be the ideal section to mention any areas not to be accessed or cleaned by the housekeeper or janitor.

You may also choose to specify exactly which services will be provided in each location, breaking down tasks by area to ensure a mutual agreement upon the cleaner’s responsibilities.

5. Contact Information and License Number (If Applicable)

A professional cleaning service, such as a business registered as an LLC, should include its contact information, address, and business license number. Not all cleaning providers have a license, in which case their legal name and appropriate contact information will suffice.

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6. Who Is Responsible for Providing Cleaning Equipment

The equipment used should all be itemized, and the provider of cleaning tools and supplies should be specified.

Suppose the cleaner or company provides all their own materials. In that case, they should state that they will only use their own equipment and cleaning products and not access materials in the client’s home or property.

Likewise, a client may choose to specify what type of cleaning products they would like used, whether they will provide them, and how they will be distributed.

7. Dispute Resolution Procedures

A cleaning contract should include procedures and protocols for resolving disputes or conflicts between the cleaning provider and the client.

According to the provider's policies, refunds, damage coverage, and additional fees or charges should be laid out.

A dispute clause can also ensure that the cleaning service provider can protect themselves in the event of non-payment.

8. Signatures

The cleaning provider(s) and clients responsible for payment should sign every cleaning agreement contract. A company owner may sign on behalf of their organization, including the housekeepers or janitors they will assign to a job site.

If the owner of an LLC signs on behalf of their employees, they must state that they legally represent and sign on behalf of their employees to adhere to all agreed-upon terms and conditions within the agreement.

Before this, any employees or contractors within the company must also sign contracts that illustrate their consent to work according to its procedures.

Why Are Commercial Cleaning Contracts Important?

Commercial cleaning contracts are important because they establish clear expectations and protect the cleaning provider and client.

A business can effectively manage its clients and protect its assets by always having a clear framework for services outlined in a contract.

Clients can ensure they get specified services by first establishing an agreement with their cleaning provider.

You can learn more about hiring a commercial cleaning company in this guide.

Why Do I Need a Cleaning Service Agreement?

A solid contract protects you and your business. For example, if you hire a cleaning company or housekeeper and wish to draw up your own contract, then having a legally binding document ensures you get the quality you deserve.

Cleaning agreements ensure that the profitability and reputation of your business are well protected.

Consult this article to learn more about writing a sound cleaning service agreement. Likewise, you may look for business lawyers who handle these contracts regularly.

Suppose you are the owner of a small cleaning company. In that case, you might want to consult a small business lawyer who can ensure your livelihood is protected with solid legal contracts.

Common Cleaning Contract Mistakes

There are some mistakes to avoid when writing your cleaning service agreement, as with any contract. Be mindful to:

  • Use a template. Avoid writing each contract from scratch. Instead, use a legally sound, editable cleaning contract template you can tailor to each client.
  • Consult a lawyer. Consult with a lawyer to ensure that all of the terms and conditions in your cleaning contract are legally enforceable.
  • Keep copies. Keep double copies of signed contracts, either on a cloud service provider or on file with your attorney.
  • Include clear terms. Include transparent, clear terms and pricing in your contract, so there is no misunderstanding, hidden fees, or other unaccounted charges.

This article offers tips on choosing the right business lawyer for your company.

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Cleaning contracts are an important part of running a successful cleaning business. Likewise, they can help homeowners or business managers set expectations and establish transparent pricing with their cleaning providers.

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