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A full service gross lease is a commercial real estate lease where the lessee pays a flat rent amount to the lessor. The property owner is accountable for covering all functional expenditures for the rental property.

Full Service Gross Lease Benefits

Below are some primary advantages of a full service gross lease.

  • Cost Predictability

    A full service gross lease provides higher cost predictability for the lessee, as all operating expenditures are incorporated in the rent amount.

  • Clarity

    With a full service gross lease, renters have better clarity of what they will pay each month without stressing about fluctuating utility expenditures or maintenance costs.

  • Set Monthly Rent

    Under a full service gross lease, the monthly rent amount is specified and does not fluctuate based on property upkeep or repairs expense. It provides lessees with predictability and stability in their monthly expenses.

  • No Hidden Costs

    Full service gross leases generally have no hidden costs, as all functional expenditures are accounted for in the rent payment.

  • Minimal Upfront Expenditures

    A full service gross lease generally demands only the first and last months' rental payment and a security deposit instead of a large sum for property renovations or modifications.

  • Access to Amenities

    Multiple full service gross leases present access to amenities like common areas and maintenance and parking assistance. Lessees can enjoy these added advantages without incurring extra costs.

  • Professional Management and Increased Security

    Full service gross leases are handled by experienced property supervisors who manage all property maintenance and repair problems. It frees up resources and time for lessees to focus on their business operations. Moreover, professional property management also increases the property's overall security and safety.

Full Service Gross Lease Drawbacks

Below are some drawbacks of entering a full service commercial lease.

  • No Opportunity to Lower Operating Costs

    Lessees cannot negotiate operating expenditures or take measures to reduce them, as the owner is accountable for covering those expenditures.

  • Restricted Control over Operating Expenditures

    Since the lessor is accountable for covering all working expenditures, lessees have restricted control over how those expenditures are controlled.

  • Higher Rent

    Lessees can expect to pay a higher building rent with a full service gross lease, as the landlord covers all operating expenses.

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Full Service Gross Lease Tips

Below are some key points you must consider when negotiating a full service gross lease.

  • Rent Amount

    The rent payment is the primary item to be negotiated in a full service gross lease. Lessees should evaluate the cost of operating expenditures when negotiating rent, as these expenses are incorporated in the rent amount.

  • Duration of Lease

    The lease term is another essential factor to contemplate when negotiating a full service gross lease. While a more extended lease duration can provide cost predictability and stability, a shorter lease duration may allow for more flexibility.

  • Renewal Alternatives

    Lessees should also assess negotiating renewal alternatives into the lease agreement if they wish to extend their lease at the end of the original term.

  • Tenant Improvements

    Tenants may negotiate for tenant improvements to be made to the property, such as new lighting or HVAC systems, to be included in the lease agreement.

Landlord Obligations in a Full Service Gross Lease

Some of the key obligations of a landlord in a full service gross lease are as follows:

  • Repairs and Maintenance

    The landlord is accountable for the maintenance and repair of the rental property, including fixing any issues that may occur during the lease term.

  • Rent Payment

    The lessee is accountable for paying a predetermined monthly rent, including all the lessor's services.

  • Building Maintenance

    The lessor is liable for maintaining the common places of the rental property, such as the hallways, elevators, and lobby.

  • Utilities

    The owner is accountable for settling for all the utility expenses, including electricity, water, gas, and internet/telephone.

  • Insurance

    The property owner is accountable for obtaining and holding property insurance coverage, which protects against impairment or loss caused by theft, fire, or other perils.

  • Janitorial Services

    The lessor is answerable for providing janitorial assistance, including cleaning the common spaces of the building and the leased area.

  • Taxes

    The landlord is liable for settling all the property taxes associated with the rental property.

Types of Full Service Gross Leases

In a full service Gross Lease, the lessee is liable only for settling the monthly rent, and the lessor takes all other expenditures and assistance. This type of commercial lease is suitable for tenants who do not have the funds or manpower to handle the maintenance and repair of the property. Below are some common types of the full service gross lease.

  • Triple Net Lease

    NNN or triple net lease is a full service gross lease in which the tenant bears all operating expenditures, including insurance, property taxes, and common area maintenance.

  • Base Rent Lease

    In this full service gross lease, the tenant settles a specified monthly rent to the lessor, which incorporates all basic services like heating, electricity, water, maintenance, and property taxes.

  • Adjusted Gross Lease

    This full service gross lease incorporates a base rent plus an extra monthly charge for water, electricity, and maintenance assistance. The landlord is accountable for insurance, property taxes, and capital improvements.

  • Gross Lease with Base Year

    This full service gross lease includes a base rent adjusted annually based on changes in operating expenses such as property taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance. The landlord is typically responsible for paying all operating expenses, but the tenant is responsible for any increases above the base year.

  • Full Service Gross Lease with CAM (Common Area Maintenance)

    This type of full service gross lease comprises a base rent and a monthly expense for common area maintenance (CAM) expenditures, such as cleaning, landscaping, and snow removal. The lessor is typically liable for insurance and property taxes.

  • Gross Lease with Escalation Clauses

    This full service gross lease contains a base rental payment that increases yearly based on a predetermined procedure. The owner is generally accountable for all operating expenditures, including insurance and taxes.

Key Terms

  • Operating Expenses: The expenditures incurred by the owner to operate and maintain the building, such as insurance, property taxes, maintenance, and utilities.
  • Utilities: The assistance required to run the building, such as water, electricity, and gas.
  • Rent: The amount of money settled by the lessee to the owner in exchange for the use of the rental property.
  • Tenant Improvements: Any changes or upgrades made to the rental property by the owner to adjust the tenant's specific requirements.


To summarize, a full service gross lease can be suitable for lessees who value cost predictability. Nevertheless, evaluating the higher rent amount and limited power over operating expenditures is important before entering this lease agreement.

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