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A fixed price agreement, often called a lump-sum contract, specifies the predetermined price at which the seller agrees to provide a specific good or service. This cost will not change during the term of the agreement or after it is finished. When businesses are required to submit bids for projects under government contracts, this type of agreement is typical. Additionally, it is utilized in other service sectors and private buildings.

What Is a Fixed Price Agreement?

In a fixed-price agreement, the contractor agrees to carry out a certain task for a given sum. This suggests that the amount of money being transferred is known by both parties. The contractor is aware of the payment amount, and the client is aware of the payment amount due. For both parties, a fixed-price contract offers several benefits. An upfront agreement on the final cost of a good or service is made when you sign a fixed-price agreement. Both parties agree to abide by the terms of a contract that specifies this pricing. A fixed price model is used to determine the project budget.

You must spend a fixed sum of money on building a product; this sum is based on the project's scope and the timeframe you specify. With this type of contract, you can pay a single sum for all features, materials, and problem repairs. The final product needs to be exceedingly well-defined, right down to the tiniest detail, to function effectively in the fixed model.

As a result, it is almost guaranteed that the planning phase will take much longer than on earlier projects. The terms of the contract govern how long the fixed price will apply. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed-price contract will help a small business decide whether to use one.

Merits of a Fixed Price Agreement

The buying company's employees could prefer a fixed-price contract to one with prices subject to continuous price increases since it gives them a reliable budget to ask their superiors for permission. When the market increases the value of a good or service, buyers win, but sellers lose out on potential profits they would have gained in the absence of a predetermined price agreement. As a business owner, there are several advantages to using this sort of agreement, as it provides clear criteria for the contract's overall value. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cost Transparency is Beneficial

    A fixed-price agreement offers predictability for the buyer and seller and stability for both parties throughout the contract. A buyer might be concerned that an unanticipated price increase will compromise his company's goals. The vendor can be concerned that the value of his good or service would drop suddenly, reducing his revenue with little to no warning. All of these worries are taken care of by fixing the price.

    A fixed-price contract's predictability may also benefit a buyer because all risk associated with the project's ultimate cost exceeding initial estimates is entirely transferred to the seller. A contract with a fixed price may be preferable to one where expenses could increase over time since it gives you a specific budget to work within if you're purchasing supplies or resources.

  • Market Change

    A fixed-price agreement may be advantageous or unfavorable when market forces change the value of a good or service, including any materials or supplies required in its production. The buyer wins if market forces cause the price of the good or service to surge, but the seller loses out on possible profits he might have gained otherwise. When the cost of a commodity or service drops suddenly, both the customer and the supplier are disadvantaged.

  • There is a Time Limit

    With a final scope and predetermined features, the development team can more accurately anticipate the project's timeline. Based on this knowledge, they can develop a detailed plan with definite timeframes.

  • A Straightforward Development Schedule

    You'll always be aware of the features that will be used in the project. You'll also be able to tell whether the delivery is running behind schedule.

  • The Client Does Not Have Anything to Manage

    Now that the project's specifics have been decided upon, you can assign project management to the development team. You can limit your involvement because you don't have to monitor events constantly.

  • Planning Finances and Budget

    While a buyer may pay more upfront when entering a fixed-price agreement, the buyer can budget for those costs and make sure it has the money to fulfill its responsibilities. The buyer might no longer be able to fulfill the terms of the contract if the price of the goods or service increases significantly, requiring the seller to accept a loss and contemplate taking legal action. The buyer's business can suffer if the goods or services are necessary.

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Demerits of a Fixed Price Agreement

Although it has a price, a set pricing contract gives consumers more assurance regarding future service or good expenses. Sellers may charge more than they would for variable pricing since they may understand that they are taking a risk by having a fixed price. If the cost of a good or service drops unexpectedly, the vendor is at a disadvantage, and the client is at a benefit.

The buyer cannot honor the contract if the service price or goods considerably rises. This requires the seller to assess their losses from the deal and decide on their legal options.

  • Carries a Higher Cost

    Certainty has a higher cost, which is a drawback. A fixed-price contract gives the customer more assurance regarding the costs of the goods or service stated in the contract in the future, but this assurance could come at a cost. To compensate for the greater risk he is taking, the seller may decide to fix a price and charge more than he would under fluid pricing. Alternatively, the seller may negotiate a price with the seller frequently.

  • Takes Time to Plan

    If you need to deliver your items quickly, this arrangement is not for you. To estimate costs accurately, the software company must first outline features in great detail, which might take weeks or months.

  • Rigorous Procedures

    After you sign the contract, you cannot make changes or add features. Consider a scenario in which a feature is rendered obsolete, or a new feature is necessary due to a change in market demand. Without negotiating each new feature and beginning over with the planning phase, you won't be able to alter the project's scope. The delivery of the item can be significantly delayed due to this.

  • Potential for Miscommunication

    Efficient performance in a fixed pricing firm depends on clear and open communication. It's possible to produce something that isn't exactly what you anticipated if you forget an important aspect of the unclear project criteria.

  • Not Suggested for Major Projects

    Smaller projects benefit from the fixed-price approach. On the other hand, the fixed strategy will be unduly rigid if your product is more complex, like an e-commerce website or a mobile app that runs on multiple platforms. Due to complex functions, dependencies, and lengthy implementations, continuous review, change, and adaptation are required.


A company's agreements with its clients can make the difference between making and losing money since they will specify the project's parameters and payment schedule.

Fixed-price agreements are frequently the most advantageous when the project's scope can be precisely established upfront and the costs of the supplies and labor required to fulfill the contract's requirements can be predicted with high confidence. Even if more supplies or time are needed than anticipated, the sum paid to the seller won't change.

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