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Trademark Assignment

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Trademark assignment refers to the transfer of ownership of a trademark from one party to another, either in part or full. It incorporates the transfer of privileges to use the trademark and any related reputation or goodwill that the trademark carries. In most cases, trademark assignments occur when a company is sold, merged, or acquired by another business. Trademark assignments can happen between individuals, companies, partnerships, or legal entities. For example, it is common where an individual owns a trademark and later assigns it to a company they establish.

How a Trademark Assignment Works

The process of transferring trademark ownership can be broken down into three main stages:

  • Drafting a Trademark Assignment Agreement: The first stage in transferring trademark ownership is to create a legal agreement that outlines the terms of the transfer. This agreement must include information about both parties, details of the transferred trademark, and any relevant conditions or limitations. For the agreement to be legally binding, both parties must sign it, and an authorized official, such as a notary public, must witness it.
  • Registering the Assignment with the USPTO: After the trademark assignment agreement has been signed, the next stage is registering the transfer with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While it is not mandatory, it is recommended to establish a public record. It is an important step because it officially recognizes the new owner as the trademark's rightful owner. Also, to register the transfer with the USPTO, the new owner must submit a Trademark Assignment Recordation Form and a copy of the agreement.
  • Updating the Trademark Database: Finally, the new owner must update the trademark database with any relevant authorities or registries to reflect the change in ownership. It includes updating the trademark registration with any state or foreign trademark offices, as well as updating any other official records that may be relevant.

Benefits of a Trademark Assignment

Below are some advantages of a trademark assignment.

  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights: Trademark assignment is a legal strategy that safeguards a company's intellectual property rights. By assigning a trademark, a company can prevent unauthorized use of its trademark, thereby preserving the brand's reputation and distinctiveness in the marketplace.
  • Facilitating Expansion into New Markets: Trademark assignments can facilitate business expansion into new markets. Assigning a trademark to another entity allows the assignee to leverage the trademark to market products or services in new geographies or industries, thereby increasing market share and revenue.
  • Exploring Licensing Opportunities: Trademark assignment offers companies opportunities to license the use of their trademark to others for a fee. Such licensing agreements can generate substantial revenue for the trademark owner while expanding brand recognition and awareness.
  • Simplifying Ownership Structure: Trademark assignments can simplify a company's ownership structure. By assigning a trademark to a single owner, decision-making processes can be streamlined, and potential conflicts can be eliminated, especially when multiple owners are involved.
  • Enhancing Protection against Infringement: Trademark assignments can provide enhanced protection against trademark infringement. The assignee assumes all rights and obligations related to the trademark, including monitoring and enforcing it against infringement. Legal action can be taken against infringers, ensuring the trademark's integrity is safeguarded.
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Cost of Trademark Assignment Application

In the United States, trademark assignment applications can be categorized into State and Federal trademarks. State trademark assignment application is processed more quickly than Federal trademark assignment application. However, processing times vary depending on the workload of the respective trademark offices. Keep in mind that federal trademark protection is only available for brands used in domestic or international commerce.

The fee for filing a trademark application varies depending on the category of goods or services and currently ranges between $275 and $375. However, the price varies depending on the specific circumstances and type of application being filed. Once filed, the application will be examined by an attorney who will identify any potential issues.

In the USA, trademark assignment applications can be classified into state and national trademarks. The state trademark office reviews state trademark applications to check for conflicting assignment applications in state databases.

Federal trademark assignment application takes longer than state assignment application and only protects trademarks used in domestic or international commerce. Filing fees for trademark assignment application range from $275 to $375, depending on the type of goods or services, but the price may vary depending on the application type and the specific circumstances. After filing, an attorney will examine the application for any potential problems.

Steps Involved in Trademark Assignments

Transferring trademark ownership from one party to another is known as trademark assignment. Here are the steps involved in trademark assignment:

  1. Determine the Ownership of the Trademark. Before assigning a trademark, it is important to confirm the current ownership of the trademark. It can be done through a trademark search or by reviewing the trademark registration certificate.
  2. Draft a Trademark Assignment Agreement. Once the trademark ownership is established, the next step is to create a trademark assignment agreement. This agreement should contain information such as the names and addresses of the current owner and the new owner, a description of the assigned trademark, and the assignment terms.
  3. Sign the Trademark Assignment Agreement. The trademark assignment agreement should be signed by both the current and new owners. It is important to note that the signature of the current owner is necessary as it confirms their willingness to transfer ownership of the trademark.
  4. File the Trademark Assignment with the Appropriate Trademark Office. The trademark assignment agreement must be filed with the relevant trademark office. It is typically the trademark office in the country where the trademark is registered. The trademark office will assess the agreement to ensure it complies with all the requirements for trademark assignment.
  5. Pay Any Required Fees. In some instances, a fee may be required to file a trademark assignment with the trademark office. The fee amount will depend on the jurisdiction and the specific requirements of the office. Generally, the new owner will be responsible for paying any required fees.
  6. Update Trademark Records. After the trademark assignment has been filed and any required fees have been paid, the trademark records should be updated to reflect the new ownership of the trademark. It ensures that all future correspondence relating to the trademark is directed to the correct owner.

Key Terms for Trademark Assignments

  • Acquiring Distinctiveness: When a trademark is initially descriptive and therefore ineligible for registration, it can gain registrability by establishing itself in the marketplace through common-law usage.
  • Registration Certificate: The official trademark registration document issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Trademark Search: Before selecting a trademark, companies examine to determine the degree of similarity between their proposed product, service, or company and existing ones in the market. It is a crucial step in identifying similar businesses in the industry.
  • Period of Blackout: The blackout period refers to the time between the approval of a trademark by the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office and the issuance of a Notice of Allowance by the office. During this period, applicants are advised against filing a Statement of Use.
  • Documentation: A process where organizations must complete all necessary paperwork and provide supporting documents. This process is referred to as documentation.

Final Thoughts on Trademark Assignments

A trademark assignment is a legal process by which the ownership of a trademark is transferred from one party to another. It is an essential process that safeguards the value and individuality of a business. Trademark assignment can be done through a contract between the parties involved, which should be recorded in writing and filed with the applicable trademark office. By allocating a trademark, the assignor transfers all rights and interests to the assignee, including the right to use and protect the trademark. Moreover, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified attorney when entering into a trademark assignment agreement to ensure that all legal requirements are met and that the rights of both parties are safeguarded.

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