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San Diego, CA

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July 12, 2022
A: In general, contract terms can make someone an employee, but cannot ensure independent contractor status. Essentially, the contract can set out IC terms, but if those terms are not followed in practice, the contract itself can't fix that. Under California AB, there is an exemption for dentists from the strict "ABC" test, but dentists will still need to meet a number of other requirements that are often, in practice, difficult to meet. For example, they would have to be "open to the public" and actually performing the same of similar services for others - so working for a single dental office typically will not pass the test!
October 29, 2021
A: This is a pretty standard document. The biggest concern is just making sure that the document reflects the reality of how customer data will be used. Usually a Privacy Policy is referenced in the terms, and is likely one of the most important documents for a CA startup.