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A commercial cleaning contract explains the terms and provisions of cleaning services agreed upon between a cleaning company and a business or property owner. This legally binding agreement specifies the scope of work, frequency of cleaning, duration of the contract, payment terms, responsibilities of both parties, insurance requirements, termination clauses, and any additional services or special requests. It serves to protect the interests of both parties and ensures clear expectations are established for the cleanliness and maintenance of the commercial space.

Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Report

The Aspire analysis of the past year for commercial service contractors and what the industry expects in the coming year. Results from the survey revealed that:

  • Mixed is how analysts describe prospects in the commercial cleaning sector coming next year, where a significant number of companies are neutral (53%).
  • For 2024, customer focus and revenue growth are top priorities for commercial cleaning businesses. Sixty-three percent of companies have one goal above all others: increase revenue followed by increasing cash flow (57%) or hiring/retaining employees (54%).
  • Contractors know that customer retention is key, reflecting their major source of repeat business at 37%, as well as most work at 55% being generated through repeat janitorial services.
  • To reach their goals, 49% of respondents cited customer acquisition and having word-of-mouth referrals account for 30% of contractor’s revenues. Hence, 35 % of cleaning organizations will introduce sales and marketing strategies.
  • With ongoing supply chain issues and increasing costs across the board, business management software has become critical to commercial cleaning services. Most (62%) respondents have enjoyed efficiencies and enhanced capabilities while using business management software.
  • 92% of contractors interviewed currently use software to run their business, and 28% plan to further invest in technology this year.

Essential Components of a Commercial Cleaning Contract

Things cleaning businesses should consider when writing a contract are as follows:

  • Contact Information and License Number: This gives your clients an easy way to get in touch if they need to. Including your license number shows that you're a registered business, which helps build trust. This could also include the names of the cleaning business owners.
  • A Detailed List of the Services: This should include the types of house cleaning or office cleaning you'll do at every visit, as well as cleaning jobs you'll do occasionally. You should be sure to list the frequency after each service. This will help clear up miscommunications about the scope of work you and your clients agree to. You might include things like:
    • The types of cleaning equipment you’ll use
    • How often certain tasks will be done, such as vacuuming and mopping
    • The cleaning products you’ll use
  • Prices per Service: Again, this helps avoid confusion and ensures that you and your clients are on the same page.
  • Schedule for Performing Services: Most homeowners prefer maids, janitors, carpet cleaners, and other cleaning services to visit their homes at specific times of the day and week. Identify these explicitly in your contract. If anything changes, you can easily update the contract and keep track of your schedule.
  • Payment Details: In addition to a payment schedule, list out payment methods your clients can use (e.g., cash, check, credit card, etc.). You should also indicate your preferred method of payment delivery (e.g., mail or onsite pickup).
  • Equipment Expectations: Will you use your equipment or your client's equipment? Does the client have any unusual property that they prefer you clean with specialized gear? You and your client should be on the same page on these expectations.
  • Signatures: Review the contract with your client and make sure you both sign it. This document will serve as the foundation of your professional relationship.

Knowledge Tip: Here is the template for a commercial cleaning contract.

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Benefits of Drafting Commercial Cleaning Contracts

A commercial contract makes sure that you and your clients are aware of the services you will be offering them, when and how they are to be done, and how much you expect to get paid at the end. In addition, it can aid in settling any conflict as long as there is a written agreement.

  • Ensure Cost and Time Efficiencies. We often hear that some facility managers are hesitant to hire a commercial cleaning contractor because of the perceived extra cost. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Many business owners don’t understand that it costs more in terms of lost productivity when they expect their employees to invest their time in cleaning up.
  • Increase Staff Productivity and Morale. It’s a well-known fact that when a business pays attention to keeping its premises clean, increases in staff productivity naturally flow shortly afterward. You’ll certainly find that your staff will be more serious about their duties and responsibilities when high standards of cleanliness are maintained. This is especially important for staff who deal with the public, as a cheery disposition improves customer service.
  • Improve Health & Safety. Experienced commercial cleaners such as Total Focus Cleaning will be familiar with high touch point areas that require more frequent disinfecting and cleaning. A good cleaning company will also be able to provide permanent onsite staff when you require them to clean up spills and take care of other cleaning tasks as the need arises.
  • Result in a Better Company Image. It’s a fact that all commercial premises should be clean on the inside and outside to portray a professional image. Customers may hesitate to use your business if your buildings look dirty and rundown. In business, first impressions count, and simply cleaning the common areas and restrooms isn’t enough. If you let the cleanliness of your property slip, you could potentially be losing significant amounts of revenue and profit.
  • Provide Access to Cleaning Expertise. If you choose to contract with a professional commercial cleaning company, your business is essentially benefiting from their years of experience and you should expect high standards. Not only that but established commercial cleaning companies often have extensive networks that can help with a wide variety of deep cleaning work as well.
  • Give Motivation to Join a Professional Trade Association. Join a national trade association to prove your professionalism and build client trust. The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) or International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) offer cleaning businesses connections with other professionals and some job leads.

Key Terms for Commercial Cleaning Contracts

  • Confidentiality Agreement: This stipulates that the cleaning company will keep silent anything they get into contact with in their course of work which is regarded as secret.
  • Performance Standards: Demonstrates the desired quality levels for the cleaning activities, including such aspects as specifications of cleanliness and requirements regarding equipment or products used for cleaning
  • Subcontracting: Indicates whether subcontracting of some of the tasks is allowed by the cleaning companies and sets out relevant provisions, for example, terms and conditions applicable to a subcontractor.
  • Dispute Resolution: The process that will be followed whenever there are arguments between different parties, including whether arbitration or mediation shall be employed, as well as which country’s courts have jurisdiction over legal proceedings.

Final Thoughts on Commercial Cleaning Contracts

To successfully secure commercial cleaning contracts in America, great care must be taken in pricing strategy, attention to detail, strict compliance with regulations, and an unwavering commitment to offering top-level services. In this field, success depends on strong customer relationships, new technologies in clean-ups, and a highly skilled and motivated team of workers. To survive in the market stress characterized by more attention to cleanliness and sanitation, organizations must be alert to changes in consumer tastes and preferences yet comply with standards set worldwide.

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