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A cake contract entails the guidelines of the agreement to supply cakes to the parties as and when needed or as per the terms agreed in the cake contract. The client and bakery can assess company liabilities and establish a payment schedule. It should cover the bakery policies and procedures if there is a problem with the cake or delivery or if the customer is not satisfied with the cake. The cake contract provides instructions and specifications for preparing and delivering the cake.

Growing Demand and Market Dynamics in the Cake Industry

The increasing consumption of cakes and pastries for celebrations, special occasions, and post-meal desserts are major factors driving the growth of the cake and pastry market revenue. The market's revenue growth is being driven by an increase in demand for cakes and pastries as a result of more people planning events and enjoying the tradition of celebrating life milestones like birthdays, retirements, and work anniversaries. Between 2024 and 2031, there is expected to be a significant increase in the worldwide market for cakes and pastries.

  • The global cake market is expected to reach USD 62615.38 million by 2031, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.29% from its estimated size of USD 51555.27 million in 2022, according to recent studies.
  • Due to the market's consistent growth rate (CAGR) and growing adoption of strategies by major players, the market is projected to surpass the estimated horizon in 2024. The dessert cakes category held the largest share of the market in 2023, accounting for USD 33.06 billion, or 50.3%.
  • In 2023, the retail channel segment held the largest revenue share of 83.8%, with a market size of USD 55.05 billion.

Due to their continued popularity for celebrations and special occasions, dessert cakes are among the most ordered desserts at restaurants and parties. Ice cream cakes and wedding cakes are two types of these cakes. Specialty, artisanal, low-sugar, and cakes that satisfy specific dietary needs are among the unique and superior cakes that an increasing number of customers seek.

Components of a Cake Contract

Here are the five fundamental components of a cake contract.

  • Contact Details: Although it may seem apparent, it is crucial that the contact information for both you as the couple and your wedding cake baker be included in any contract you sign regarding your cake. Verify that this section contains the complete names, titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses.
  • Event Specifics: It is important to gather data about the client and the occasion. These details include phone numbers, email addresses, the date, location, kind of event, and number of guests. Getting all the event information together will make it easier for you to handle orders. Remember that things can get hectic and that mishaps happen frequently! Obtaining two or more emergency contact phone numbers is advised. When your client does not answer the phone, these numbers will be helpful.
  • Designs: Clients often come with specific cake designs in mind, which can be a picture from Pinterest, a design inspired by magazine articles, photographs of dresses, personalities, event locations, or fabric swatches. It is essential to record these designs for future reference and to make sure that everyone is in agreement and can quickly review this section if necessary. Attach the discussed cake designs, sketches, and/or photos for record-keeping purposes. If there's ever a conflict about the design, both parties can easily revisit this section.
  • Costing: Cake pricing can be difficult. It is advisable to set the price according to the number of servings and raise it for cakes with fondant, intricate details, unique filling, tiers, or accessories. Discussing and recording the rental costs for using cake stands, props, and items from the vintage china display is necessary. In addition, you ought to obtain a refundable deposit upfront for your rentals to safeguard yourself against harm, theft, and delayed returns. Cakes may occasionally require a setup or stacking charge.
  • Cancellations: Refunds may not be available for cancellations made on or before the 14-day mark of the event. Cake cancellations at the last minute can be expensive regarding lost time and supplies. This clause permits you to keep part or all of the money in case you had to turn down other orders to save a date for a client or if you had started making preparations for a cake that was abruptly canceled, such as buying ingredients or making decorations. It is worded ambiguously, so you can evaluate it based on the specifics and promptness of the cancellation.
  • Signatures: Finally, but just as importantly, ensure the couple and the wedding cake baker sign the agreement. If not, everything written on it is null and void. Make sure to include the date of the contract's signing.
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Terms and Conditions of a Cake Contract

Since every baking company is different, your terms and conditions will frequently differ from those of other businesses. Here are our top considerations.

  • Ordering
    • What is the minimum order amount, are there any rush fees, and how many weeks in advance do customers need to book?
    • What happens if there are any changes to the design, dates, or anything else?
  • Payment
    • What is your payment schedule? Indicate which payments are refundable and which are not, as well as how much of an upfront deposit is needed and when the last payment is expected.
    • What occurs in case of chargebacks, returned checks, late fees, and cancellations?
    • Which forms of payment are accepted? Credit cards, cash, checks, money orders?
  • Liability
    • Clearly state that you will not be held responsible for any damage to the cake that was not caused by you or your business, property damage, injury to visitors, harm from eating plastic accessories, flower selections (poison, pesticides, dirt, careless handling), damage sustained after pickup, and allergic reactions.
    • Establish explicit guidelines regarding when dissatisfied customers can receive a refund.
  • Serving Size
    • Describe the dimensions of each piece of cake and note that the quantity required is an estimate and may not be precise.
    • If there is a shortage of cake because the cake pieces are cut larger than the specified measurements, you should not be held accountable.
  • Intellectual Property
    • Customers should be advised that if the designs they have requested are copyrighted, you cannot duplicate them exactly.
    • You should note here that you would like to use pictures of their cake in your portfolio.

Key Terms for Cake Contracts

  • Futures Contract: A futures contract is a legally binding agreement to purchase or sell a specific commodity asset or security at a fixed price on a prearranged future date.
  • Adverse Selection: An adverse selection model distorts the market process by depicting a principal with more or better information than the other contracting party.
  • Baked in the Cake: A complex situation with numerous intertwining factors that make it impossible to separate them from one another, or one that is imminent or present and cannot be avoided or solved, can also be referred to as "baked in the cake."

Final Thoughts on Cake Contracts

A cake contract is an official "handshake" between you and your clients. The terms of an order are agreed upon in the contract. Having the customer's signature validates their acceptance of your terms and shields you from certain liabilities and complaints. The contract also is legally justifiable in the contract.

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