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A job offer is an employment proposal to an applicant to fill a vacancy for the company for a fixed monthly fee, a short-term contract, or a freelance basis. The process usually happens after the screening of various documents, conducting interviews, and the final decision on the particular candidate. Let us learn more about a job offer, its associated process, tips, and other aspects below.

How to Make a Job Offer

The responsibility for making job offers can be different depending on the size of the company. Meanwhile, the most common steps for making a job offer include:

  1. Move Quickly. Most candidates who seek jobs actively may apply to multiple positions at one particular time. They may also attend several interviews for the same reason and receive competing job offers. Consider contacting candidates the same day as their final interview, if possible. This can also be done within one day of making the final decision. This shows that the particular company wants to welcome and bring on a new employee. It may further reduce the candidate’s stress of waiting for an offer while applying for multiple job roles.
  2. Make a Phone Call. Make a phone call to offer a particular candidate a position when possible. This allows the selection board to share mutual excitement over the opportunity. They can also answer questions about the new role immediately. Leave a message with contact information if a candidate does not answer the phone. It will allow them to have a conversation with the hiring company at a more convenient time. Consider emailing them to set up a time to talk if sending a message is not possible.
  3. Show Excitement. Many interviewers may keep their conversations reserved during the hiring process. However, they can show the candidates how excited they are to welcome them to the company during the job offer call. This may further involve asking the particular candidate how they feel about the offer or praising them for bagging the position.
  4. Provide Reasons for the Decision. Tell the particular candidate specifically what experience, qualities, or skills helped them get the specific job. Inform them why they fit with the organization or what new ideas are expected from them to bring to the company. Let them know what details made them a better choice than other candidates who were also interviewed.
  5. Talk about the Payment. Highlight the base salary offered to the candidate from the company’s side and any other major benefits included in the same package. The salary expectations are already discussed during the interview process. Many individuals look to switch jobs to get a raise. Consider offering a salary higher than what they make at their current job. Explain the details of paid time off and insurance-related benefits. Include additional details about any probation or waiting periods for their respective benefits. Try to add that the management will include a more detailed list in the written offer letter for the candidate.
  6. Get a Response. Ask for a response if the candidate does not offer an initial acceptance or rejection of the offer. Ask the individual how they are feeling. A few candidates may want some extra time to think about the offer before accepting the same. They may even ask to see the full offer sheet before making their final decision. Consider setting a specific deadline for their decision and communicating the final offer sheet.
  7. Ask for Additional Feedback. Ask the candidate if they have any kind of questions that were not already answered. Try asking them if there is anything else the management needs to know about them before they start the specific position. Discuss other information that may be included in the offer letter. Examples include a potential start date or prior commitments for a time off. Offer the official contact information again so the candidate can write it down if necessary. They may also have some more questions to ask after receiving the particular offer letter.
  8. Send an Offer in Writing. Send the written offer letter through traditional mail or email. Consider sharing the document through an online human resources platform. The written offer letter must include terms and conditions, like additional perks, basic salary, job title, paid time off expectations, etc.

Tips to Make a Job Offer

Streamlining a job offer for a candidate may seem to be a tedious task for the company and its management. However, they can ease down the process by following certain tips.

  • Considering a Video Call: Consider making the specific job offer through a video call instead of a normal phone call. This may allow the company’s management to see and gauge a particular candidate's reaction to the same news. This may be a professional option if the company also interviewed through virtual meeting platforms for remote locations. The same also applies to situations where the company will continue to communicate that way after the candidate starts their new position.
  • Creating an Offer Letter Template: Create an official offer letter template before starting the hiring process. This may allow the company and the selection board to prepare one letter quickly to send to a new hire. They can also use it as a reference sheet during all kinds of interviews or to help answer other candidate questions. You can view this sample job offer template for your reference.
  • Using an Automated Approval Process: Try to use an automated approval process program to streamline the entire offer procedure. These automated programs may help check for different errors, track the negotiation requests of candidates, and keep information in a single place for approval and ease of access.
  • Preparing the Letter in Advance: Try to draft the written offer letter for the particular candidate before offering them the specific job position. This can allow the company to speed up the process and secure a commitment if they accept the offer. The company can also reference the same offer letter if they have some other questions during the conversation. Read this to get a clear view sample offer letter.
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Key Terms for Job Offers

  • Arbitration Clause: An agreement between an employer and an employee who wants to settle disputes through a third party instead of a lawsuit.
  • Non-Compete Clause: An agreement between two different parties where one of them does not compete with the other for a specific period.
  • At-Will Employment: A statement that outlines that either party can terminate the particular employment relationship at any time and for any reason.
  • Onboarding: The process of integrating a new employee into an organization after the person is hired for a specific job position.
  • Compensation Package: A salary offered to the candidate upon getting selected for a particular job role. The package includes all details, including the base salary, house rent allowance, and other important aspects.

Final Thoughts on Job Offers

Companies send a job offer to candidates after screening them extensively for a particular position. This particular offer should include all the details that the candidate must know before joining the specific company. However, not all companies and their respective management will be well-versed in the process of sending a job offer. So, the best thing to do here is to approach a lawyer for further help.

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