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October 3, 2021
A: If these comments are made on the Facebook platform, I would advise you to use their dispute resolution procedures. I also suggest you respond to any future negative comments from your ex-partner by contradicting the negative statements. If the comments continue to excess and you are unable to resolve through Facebook procedures, then a cease and desist may be warranted. That also may not stop the comments so you may need to seek other legal remedies.
September 17, 2021
A: I'm assuming the Founders Agreement is an agreement establishing owners, managers and ownership percentages. You should focus on: Terms regarding when your interest in the company vests; How your shares will be valued in the case you want to leave or are terminated; It should include some type of waiver of individual liability for acts taken on behalf of the company; and Voting rights - If there is only one founder that has a large percentage of ownership (like 75%), you need to make sure the terms give your vote power. This can be accomplished by each founder having 1 equal vote. If the largest owner of the company owns less than 50% interest and there are 3 or more members, there's no real fear of one person making all of the decisions. I'm sure there are other items to consider as every such agreement is unique. Best of luck!
September 14, 2021
A: It depends on whether you are alleging your aunt breached the contract or if the contract is unenforceable. If you are alleging breach of the note, you would need to review the note to see if there is a clause setting which state's laws govern the agreement. That is the most likely state where your attorney needs to be able to practice law. If there is no such clause, you can hire an attorney in either state. If you are alleging the note was entered into is void because of fraud, misrepresentation, unclean hands, etc., you can hire an attorney in either state. All the best! - Don Galvez