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Fort Wayne, Indiana

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April 15, 2022
A: In most cases, contracts only need to be signed by the parties to the contract. The contract should have the key information related t the parties signing and the terms and length of the agreement to name a few clauses that need to be included. There are some contracts that need to be notarized. The police may have a notary, but your bank may also. There are many components to your question - ownership of the business, who does what in the business, business formation, is there a need for insurance to cover risks, and other items. There are tools online to help or you can use an attorney. With an attorney you will get specific assistance for your business, online it may be more generalized information you find.
March 18, 2022
A: Hello, my name is David hatch I am a Michigan license attorney. This question has several nuances to it. An investor is taking it over, it sounds like you're giving it to them but it's also being sold? That is unclear. It would be helpful to understand what type of indemnity the investor is seeking. It really depends upon the value of the property and the risk involved in the deal. Please let me know if you like additional assistance beyond this. I can help you out. Attorney Dave.
March 18, 2022
A: Hello, my name is David. I am a licensed attorney in Michigan. Was the loan discharged or was the house foreclosed on? They should have sent a letter. However I think I can help find the right group in the bank and get a letter explaining what happened. You may also want to look at your credit they may have the phone number and information there so you can reach out to Morgan Stanley. This is something I can help you with that would take a couple of hours, but I can't be certain until I look into it a little bit more & gather more information from you. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your question. Attorney Dave.
March 18, 2022
A: Hello, my name is David hatch I'm a Michigan licensed attorney. I have several years of experience with parenting time and custody issues. That appears to be what you're asking about. It would be helpful first to understand more about the situation. Like if there is a divorce decree and find some time order or any other type of order related to the children in the situation you're dealing with. Once I understand the situation I can help you determine a course of action.