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June 17, 2022
A: I have 38 years experience as an attorney. I have written effective cease-and-desist letters for just as long. I promise prompt and efficient service.
February 11, 2022
A: To answer your questions, someone is going to need to look at your contract. I can review your contract. The cost will vary depending on the size of the document. I will charge you 250 dollars to review a two-page contract, that will include a memorandum discussing various issues I discover, as well as any questions you raise. There will be an additional $25 per page, after that. Please feel free to contact me through Contracts Counsel, if you have any questions.
January 18, 2022
A: Get a police report. The report should have the name of the other driver’s insurance carrier. The other driver should have liability insurance which will replace or repair your vehicle.