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October 31, 2023
A: You are entitled to hire a local attorney. You would have to contest the will as a left-out spouse. The local attorney would have to make a case to the judge that you were common law married. It is a matter of question for a judge or jury, we cannot give you legal advice through these boxes and say what a judge or jury would rule. You can also hire an attorney to fight the eviction, as it sounds like you might be a tenant rather than a lessee.
October 11, 2022
A: Because it's in the name "Software as a service." Warranties are only for products. SAAS is constantly evolving and has a strives to always be working but it would be very hard to guarantee. Plus, product warranties are generally only guaranteed for a certain period of time and SAAS is usually good for the contract duration.
October 4, 2022
A: You're basically asking for free legal advice because you're not asking for a drafted document but I'll bite because no local lawyer will have a remedy for this anyway. The LL tenant laws for Oklahoma are found in Title 41 of the Oklahoma Statutes. They are very loose. Your proposal could be done, but the PM would have to agree to it. Typically when contracts are altered, there must be a new form of consideration in exchange for the alteration/addendum (unless you're being put on federal military orders which can break any lease.) If you're not going to offer them something of value (i.e. more money, guaranteed professional cleaning of the apt, etc.) they will not have a reason to sign it. If the language of the lease clearly stated 4 months and you signed it anyway, that is on you and you're out of luck. "I wanted to sign on for 3 months but got put on for 4 months instead." Who signed your name without your consent? Were you fraudulently coerced into signing for 1 more month....It sounds like you signed for 4 hoping you could get them down to 3 later...