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LLC Formation
LLC Formation


Immediate Start

What's included:

  • Initial Client Consultation & Planning Session
  • Prepare and file appropriate State documents
  • Draft Operating Agreement
  • Obtain EIN
Business Formation
Series LLC Formation


Immediate Start

What's included:

  • Initial consultation and information/planning with Client
  • Prepare and file appropriate state documents
  • Draft Series LLC operating agreement, with up to 2 Series (additional Series $100/each)
  • Obtain EIN
Estate Planning
TEXAS: Simple Will with Powers of Attorney


Immediate Start

What's included:

  • Initial Consultation with Client, strategy and planning session
  • Preparation of 2 valid and enforceable Last Will & Testaments
  • Preparation of 2 Powers of Attorney - Healthcare
  • Preparation of 2 Powers of Attorney - Finance
  • Preparation of 2 Advance Directives
  • Draft review/consultation with client
  • One round of edits/revisions

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3 Questions Answered / 3 Recent Answers
November 8, 2022
A: Texas has no requirement for an operating agreement. However, I generally advise all LLCs to have one. If nothing else, it assists as part of the "paper trail" in proving that the LLC was a separate entity from the sole member and helps to maintain liability protection.
November 8, 2022
A: Unfortunately, this requires the standard lawyer answer of "it depends." However, at face value it appears you would need to file a general warranty deed conveying the property from whoever you want "OFF" of the deed to you.
November 8, 2022
A: There is absolutely NO requirement that an asset purchase agreement be notarized. However, there is no harm to having it notarized.