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Updated: March 28, 2023
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Lawyer for Contract Dispute: All You Need to Know

A contract legally binds two or more parties involved in the agreement. Whatever is mentioned in the contract must be followed entirely by all the parties. If any party fails to fulfill its duties, it affects the harmony of the entire alliance. Thus to undo this dispute, one should take relevant actions.

What Is a Contract Dispute?

In simpler terms, a contract dispute is a disagreement or a situation where either one of the parties fails to meet the terms and clauses mentioned in the contract signed between the two. If there is any issue that either one or both parties face, it can rise to become a dispute or a matter of concern. The disagreement's severity dramatically varies depending on the contract, the parties involved, and the issue.

Types of Contract Disputes

Mainly contract disputes are caused due to breach or violation of the contract. Based on the violation, contract disputes can be of two types: Material and minor breach.

  • Material breach

    Complications may occur due to which the entire contract is affected. For example, if a party doesn't keep up with any promises made in the agreement, the other party can cancel the contract as the contract is now null and void. At the same time, they can also sue the other party.

  • Minor breach

    When one of the parties fails to keep up with some small or minor clause mentioned in the contract, it is known as a minor breach. In this case, the contract is still valid between the two parties. However, the affected party may demand some compensation from the other party.

What to Do When a Contract Dispute Happens?

A contract dispute can be large or small and may occur due to various factors or reasons. When it happens, there are mainly three things that the affected party can do:

  1. Look for a lawyer who can help ease things out. For example, in case of a dispute, the parties involved may still wish to find a way to look past the conflict and continue with the contract further. However, the affected party has the right to file for compensation. Thus, hiring a lawyer can help mediate things smoothly without any issues.
  2. If the breach affects the integrity of the entire contract, the affected party may also sue the other party in court and ask for heavy compensation. They hire a lawyer to get the best compensation in such a case.
  3. In case of a breach, the parties can mutually discuss a way out and sort the issues between themselves. Generally, a mutually agreed decision is taken in cases of minor violations.

How Can a Lawyer Help in the Case of a Contract Dispute?

When a contract dispute happens, there is always tension or pressure between the parties involved. Thus, trying to solve matters independently is not an ideal solution. On the contrary, it will only lead to further problems, especially if the parties still want to be associated with each other. It is when hiring a lawyer comes into the picture. Both parties usually hire lawyers who put their best interests forward.

A lawyer will carefully analyze and study the contract, identifying the breach's severity. Based on this, they advise their party or client on what actions or steps can be taken. If the lawyer's client is the affected party, then they shall also inform them regarding the forms of compensation they can demand. In case of a court dispute, the law also represents the party. They advise what they must and must not do in their best interests.

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Role of a Lawyer in a Contract Dispute

The lawyer plays a significant role when it comes to a contract dispute. Here are some of them:

  • Smooth Relationships between the Parties Involved.

    A contract is mutually agreed between two or more parties. In case of a dispute or a breach of contract, one of the parties involved affects all the others in the alliance. Thus a dispute affects the equilibrium and the dynamics of the parties involved. Therefore, the lawyer must ensure that the dispute is resolved in the best way possible.

  • Take Decisions As Per the Latest Government Laws.

    The agreement drafted between the parties involved doesn't need to align with the current government rules. The rules of the government keep changing periodically. Thus, before taking any step or action, the lawyer must inform the client of the latest norms and act accordingly.

  • Ensure That Their Client Is Well Informed.

    When a breach occurs, the client is generally unaware of their rights or laws and the compensation they can receive. In this case, the lawyer ensures that the client is informed about all the possible outcomes of every step taken. Based on this information, the client must be asked before taking any further steps.

  • Identify Loopholes.

    While going through the contract, the lawyer carefully analyses everything mentioned. The client must be informed in case there is any loophole present that can affect their decision. It is an important step and must not be ignored. If the loopholes are not identified in advance, it may affect the entire decision.

  • Best Decisions.

    The lawyer always puts the client's best interest forward before making any decisions. For example, the demanded compensation may be small if the client still wishes to carry on with the agreement.

  • Draft a New Contract.

    Further, the lawyer helps draft a new contract. It can have stricter norms to ensure the breach doesn't happen again. It also caters to all the new government laws and tends to the loopholes identified by the lawyer during this time.

  • Dissolve the Contract.

    If the parties involved terminate the contract, the lawyer must put their client's best interest forward. They carefully analyze how the deal is affecting their client. Based on this, they propose their terms before annulling the contract. In further discussions, the lawyer always takes their client's side so as to ensure that they get the best deal.

Key Terms

  • Breach of Contract: Breach of contract refers to a violation of an agreement. If a person signs the contract, they agree to whatever is mentioned. However, it is a breach if they disagree with it or do not fulfill all the requirements.
  • Non-disclosure Agreement Dispute: A contract dispute where an individual leaks sensitive and private information of the other party or the company to the general public. About 60% of US employers face this dispute.
  • Consumer Contract Dispute: In a case where the consumer purchases a product in the warranty period, and yet the product's quality is not up to the mark, the consumer can file a case.
  • Partnership Dispute: Disputes that occur between partners or the firm. Up to 70% of companies end up in this dispute.
  • Sale of Goods Dispute: Disputes between the merchant and its distributor.


Hiring a lawyer for a contract dispute is one of the best decisions anyone can take. A lawyer will always put your best interest forward to get you an excellent deal and the best of the entire situation. In addition, a lawyer will ensure that their client is taken care of and provided for, even after the war of the dispute is over.

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