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LLC Insurance Cost

Updated: September 27, 2023
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An LLC insurance cost depends on factors, such as general liability, business interruption insurance, worker compensation, payroll size, and others. The LLC formation costs vary from one US state to another.

Business organizations prefer LLC insurance because it protects against financial losses. The following blog highlights factors determining the cost and other related details.

What Is an LLC Insurance?

LLC insurance is a business product that helps protect organizational assets from liability claims, such as bodily injury, property damage, lawsuits, etc. The insurance enables business owners to get financial protection for their respective businesses and pay related claims. The insurance products can also help compensate customers for lost property, rebuild it, and set up the business again.

Most small businesses register as LLCs that separate their assets from other personal belongings. However, LLC insurance cannot protect businesses from any risks.

Why Should a Business Get an LLC Insurance?

Getting LLC insurance for a particular business has multiple benefits. The insurance helps protect the organization from financial claims that may come up during its operation. If a business does not have proper coverage, it may settle the bill itself or the claims. That is why LLC insurance proves to be the best legal protection for the business in such situations.

Moreover, the insurance structure aims to limit a particular claim's impact on the business owner's finances. So, if a business is sued, the owner's assets will remain safe so long as the business and the personal finances remain separate with zero illegal actions.

What Type of LLC Insurance Should a Business Get?

An LLC business insurance includes multiple policy types with different coverages. Sometimes, all policies are collated to help lower the insurance cost. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of LLC insurance in the United States.

  • General Liability Insurance

    General LLC insurance helps protect a business against certain situations, such as bodily injury and property damage claims filed by customers, clients, and third parties. General liability insurance is common for all business organizations, irrespective of size.

  • Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance (E&O), gives coverage to professionals and business organizations. It helps protect against claims of negligence from clients or customers. Such insurance coverage addresses personal injury, copyright infringement, and other negligence-related cases.

  • Business Owner's Policy

    It is a type of small business insurance that combines the coverage of common liability risks and property risks into a single package to ensure affordability. The insurance coverage includes general liability coverage, business income insurance, and commercial property insurance.

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How Much Does an LLC Insurance Cost?

An LLC insurance is like other business insurance types; its cost depends upon multiple factors. The annual average cost of the insurance is around $1,200. The expenses range between $350 to $900 per year. Apart from that, here is a breakdown of the LLC insurance cost based on the following factors.

  • Worker Compensation Insurance

    The LLC insurance cost of worker compensation depends on the industry type, claims history, and payroll. The insurance costs between $40 and $70 per month.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    The commercial auto insurance types are useful if an individual uses a company car or owns other company vehicles. The cost of this LLC insurance will depend on the number of company assets owned by the particular individual. The average cost of this type of insurance coverage is around $142 per month or $1,700 per year.

  • Business Property Insurance

    Business property insurance covers multiple assets, such as equipment, an individual's property, and any other inventory that suffers damage from accidents or natural disasters. An organization's average business property insurance cost is around $60 a month.

How Do the Insurers Determine the LLC Insurance Costs?

Insurers consider several factors to determine LLC insurance premiums that vary by policy.

Here is a breakdown of the common factors insurers consider when deciding premium costs.

  • Industry

    The LLCs belonging to certain industries have a greater chance of getting sued by third parties for negligence. That is why the professional liability premiums of professionals, such as physicians, are higher than the LLC costs of other industries.

  • Employees

    When an organization hires staff members, it also adds the worker compensation premium to its overall costs. However, the compensation premium can also increase such organizations' professional liability, commercial auto, and general liability insurance premiums.

  • Claims History

    If a client, customer, or business made claims in the past, the respective insurer might increase the premium because it sees them as a riskier entity to insure in the future.

  • Deductibles

    A few policies also require insured individuals or organizations to pay a certain amount, called the deductible. They have to pay the amount when filing claims. Selecting a higher deductible also helps lower the premium cost.

Key Terms Related to LLC Insurance Costs

When an individual or organization purchases business insurance, they will get a policy that explains the coverage and how it works. However, not everyone may understand the terms included in the policy. That is why learning a few key terms related to LLC insurance costs is recommended, as mentioned below.

  • Actual Cash Value (ACV): It is a way to determine the value of a particular business property that is either getting repaired or replaced.
  • Additional Insured: The insurance coverage is extended to a third party.
  • Aggregate Limit: It is the maximum amount of money that an insurer will pay during the policy period.
  • Blanket Insurance: An individual can select one limit of a particular insurance that will apply to the property.
  • Business Income Insurance: It helps replace the lost income if a business cannot run operations because of property damage.
  • Coinsurance: It is the minimum amount a covered property must get insured for to avoid penalty.


An LLC insurance holds significance for all business organizations because it helps protect them against claims made by customers or clients because of unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, insurance costs may vary depending on various factors that not everyone may know in the United States.

It is recommended to approach a lawyer to decide which LLC insurance suits a particular business. If you are looking for a professional attorney to help you decide on insurance for your business, ContractsCounsel is the answer. Visit the official website and post a project to get legal assistance now.

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