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A lawyer for citizenship application is an attorney specializing in assisting an individual with the process of becoming a citizen of a country. Due to the many options citizenship offers for the immigrant and his family, obtaining US citizenship is a long-held ambition many people pursue. While it is true that having US citizenship might give you access to numerous benefits of living and work in the country, it also carries with it responsibilities.

Why Should You Apply for Citizenship?

U.S. citizens have more legal rights and protections than non-citizen residents. Some of them are as follows:

  • Protection against deportation

    You and your kids can avoid deportation by becoming a citizen of the United States. You may be deportable as a lawful permanent resident if you have certain criminal convictions, and some behaviors put LPRs at risk for long-term implications like deportation.

  • Obtaining citizenship for your kids

    Legal permanent residents' minor children immediately become citizens of the United States when their parents naturalize. Since applicants for naturalization cannot do so until 18, this is a genuine gift from parents to their kids.

  • The reunion of families

    Citizens of the United States may submit immigration petitions to the government to be reunited with family. While US citizens can petition for other family members, such as parents, siblings, and married adult sons and daughters, LPRs can only do so for their spouses, minor children, and unmarried adult sons and daughters.

  • Being able to vote

    Citizenship in the United States also confers the ability to vote in federal elections. Only citizens have the power to choose the leaders they think would best serve their interests, those of their families, and those of their communities.

    Citizenship in the United States does not imply surrendering your ancestry. Many nations even permit dual citizenship, allowing you to keep your status in both your country of origin and the United States.

How Can a Lawyer Help You with Citizenship Application

For any number of actual or alleged criminal or immigration breaches, a permanent resident's green card may be canceled after it has been granted to the immigrant. The permanent resident is typically unaware that their green card is in peril. Instead, they don't learn they're deportable until they've submitted their fingerprints for a new green card (I-90), lifting conditions (I-751) or citizenship. However, by that point, it's too late.

The permanent resident will be subject to removal procedures after USCIS declares them to be in breach of immigration regulations and may be deported. A situation like this can only be avoided by never applying for the benefit in the first place.

To prevent wasting money on a citizenship application that fails to owe to moral character concerns or to jeopardize your immigration status due to criminal or immigration offenses, you will be thoroughly questioned about your actions since receiving your green card after hiring a citizenship lawyer. The citizenship attorney can assist with preparing the evidence or legal arguments required to support your case if your circumstance makes the application procedure more challenging but not necessarily impractical.

An immigration lawyer can help you with all that if you're unsure how to complete the application form (the N-400 Application for Naturalization), what papers you need, or whether you even meet good moral character and other eligibility standards at all. Many people have successfully applied for citizenship with an expert immigration attorney who is aware of every stage of the process.

Naturally, a lawyer is knowledgeable about the law. A lawyer will therefore be able to identify any potential issues with your citizenship eligibility before you begin. If you pay a filing fee for the application, you can't amend it afterwards. Therefore in some situations, this could save you money.

You can save time by hiring an immigration attorney. Not just the time it would take you to figure out how to apply but also the time you would lose if you submit the incorrect documentation or make an application error. The federal organization in charge of citizenship, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), will, at the very least, need more proof from you before it can approve your application. At worst, it might reject your application, so you must start over.

Using the details you provide, the attorney will complete the N-400 application form on your behalf, gather the required paperwork, and ensure that USCIS receives all the information required for a proper application. USCIS will send a copy of any notice it sends you during the entire process if it wants something from you or needs to inform you of something. Your attorney will speak with USCIS on your behalf.

The attorney can also accompany you to your citizenship interview, primarily to take notes on what transpires there in case you are rejected and represent you if the USCIS official wants clarification or presses you with inappropriate questions.

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Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Citizenship Application

It might be advantageous to have an immigration lawyer knowledgeable and talented in immigration law with you when you walk in for your citizenship interview. Here are a few of the many benefits of hiring a lawyer for a citizenship application:

  • By examining your case with you and offering guidance on the questions you should expect to be asked, an immigration lawyer can assist you in getting ready for your naturalization interview.
  • Your attorney can ensure that the immigration officer conducting the interview respects your rights during the citizenship process. Your immigration lawyer may object to any improper questions posed by the officer.
  • Your immigration officer can explain everything and defend you if there are any questions or problems. Your immigration officer can, at the very least, testify on your behalf. The immigration officer will know that a knowledgeable attorney is watching your naturalization interview if you do this.
  • Candidates can bring a lawyer to their citizenship interview, which can assist in setting the tone for a productive session. Any questions that may come up about residency, physical presence, or moral character can also be addressed by the citizenship attorney.

The immigration officer has access to intelligence sources you might not know. To assist in leveling the playing field, you might need to attend the interview with your immigration lawyer at your side. By working with a knowledgeable citizenship attorney, you can lessen the likelihood that your application will be denied for making false statements or delayed for mistakes or omissions.

Key Terms Related to Citizenship Application

Here are a few key terms related to citizenship application:

  • Applicant: Anyone having their application reviewed.
  • Oath of Citizenship: The last step before receiving citizenship is to take the Oath of Citizenship, which is the act of pledging or affirming allegiance to the Sovereign.
  • Passport: The official document produced by the person's nation or country of citizenship.


There are too many ways a lawful permanent resident may not be eligible for citizenship, even though it may seem like the majority do not need to pay lawyers for citizenship applications. Petitions for citizenship have been denied due to arrests and discrepancies in prior immigration applications; in some circumstances, this has led to petitioners appearing before an immigration judge in removal proceedings. If there are outstanding taxes, certain citizenship petitions may be rejected.

Which route to citizenship is best for you can be determined by seeking legal assistance with your citizenship application. Depending on your current nonimmigrant status or relationship to a US citizen, different paperwork and documentation may be required; collaborating with a citizenship lawyer can simplify the process.

To negotiate a lower price, it would be conceivable to employ a lawyer only for the application phase of the process and have them skip the interview. Finding a lawyer who will examine your work before you submit your application will be more difficult. ContractsCounsel has a number of lawyers who are well-experienced and professional.

ContractsCounsel is not a law firm, and this post should not be considered and does not contain legal advice. To ensure the information and advice in this post are correct, sufficient, and appropriate for your situation, please consult a licensed attorney. Also, using or accessing ContractsCounsel's site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and ContractsCounsel.

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