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Updated: March 28, 2023
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A lawyer for license contract is an expert of negotiating and preparing license contracts guarding businesses’ intellectual property while optimizing earnings. In addition, clients throughout the United States and worldwide can hire competent license contract lawyers with experience in all technology licensing domains to protect your business. Read on to learn more about the working of a license contract attorney.

What is a License Contract?

When a person or organization produces new intellectual property, it holds the privilege of guarding that design, slogan, or product by restricting others from using or benefiting from it. Moreover, anyone who utilizes the unique intellectual property is liable for the violation unless a License has been mediated to transfer ownership and make what would be deemed a “breach” into an authorized user.

Likewise, licensing contracts are particularly essential to clients in the computer software, manufacturing, jewelry, and fashion industries. A license contract sets forth the ownership and responsibilities of each party — the licensee and the licensor. The attorneys have the expertise in negotiating and drafting license contracts for the licensor and licensee and help their clients commercialize their branding, invention, or creative works.

Key Components of a License Contract

A license contract comprises numerous components that jointly make a complete license agreement, and each of these license contract components is independently negotiable. Also, depending on whether you are licensee or licensor or have a strong mediating role, there may be one or more of the components to get a license that is more profitable to your position. Here are some key components of a license contract.

  • Contract Exclusivity

    A license contract may be “non-exclusive” or “exclusive,” depending on whether the intellectual property owner wants to allow only one or more individuals or companies to use the property subject to the license. Generally, if the license contract is “exclusive,” then the licensee will spend more to obtain the license and be able to execute the intellectual property ownership against violators. On the other hand, the licensor must register a breach of litigation in the case of a “non-exclusive” license contract.

  • License Fees

    Some licenses require that the licensee offers an up-front cost (“License Fee”) to get a license initially. It is typically when the product is especially well-known, there are numerous non-exclusive licensees, and merely earning a license is a competitive action. Also, in some circumstances, this up-front license charge gets credited against royalties offered on sales.

  • License Territory

    The territory encompassed by the license is generally the whole United States. Also, all trademark and patent ownership are territorial and copyrights, generally covered by the Berne Convention, are given “world-wide” licenses.

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Why Hire a Lawyer for License Contract

Detailed licensing agreements are essential to effectively use trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. However, learning the complexities of license contracts is essential if you wish to enter a forbidden trade arena because of intellectual property matters or if you wish to improve your earnings by a steady distribution of your intellectual property. However, to reduce the risk and protect your rights related to intellectual property, it is better to seek the guidance of a professional attorney for license contracts.

Furthermore, expert license agreement lawyers consult with their clients regarding their business objectives and priorities to recognize and address the provisions needed for their licensing situation. Besides, professional attorneys can also help you with negotiations to reach a fair arrangement and, if applicable, offer to counsel if the terms proposed are outside your best interests.

Their keen attention to preparing and evaluating license contracts allows you to avoid general agreements that fail to fulfill your requirements and damage your efforts to reach your desired objectives. Expert attorneys usually save you a prolonged duration of futile negotiation, resulting in enduring and profitable licensing contracts. Below are some key responsibilities of a lawyer for a license contract.

  • Counseling clients on statutory rights and actions concerning intellectual property.
  • Consulting legal clients and notifying them of specific intellectual property documents, such as licenses or patents.
  • Representing clients in the tribunal.
  • Evaluating and developing crucial legal records.
  • Collaborating with patent and trademark offices.
  • Preparing new agreements or licensing agreements.
  • Performing research and discussions to help with tribunal cases or lawful proceedings.
  • Negotiating legal payments and registering lawsuits.
  • Transferring license rights of intellectual property.

Key Terms

  • Authorized User: A person or entity licensed by a trademark owner to utilize the trademark concerning services and goods covered by the trademark. Moreover, if a person or business expects to use a trademark recorded by another business, they may approach them and ask to become an approved user.
  • Applications Software: Application or end-user programs such as spreadsheets, word processors, and database software. These applications cannot operate without an operating system and related system utilities.
  • Perpetual Licensing: A contract in which the client owns the most current version of the product known at the time that the license contract expires.
  • End-User: Licensed people or companies that access digital data for their own benefit. The term generally appears in license agreements involving computer software, whereas the phrase “User” more generally occurs in license agreements involving online database resources.


With the constant rise in technology, there has been a steady rise in crimes related to intellectual property and software. So to ensure your business never falls prey to such infringements, you must hire our competent attorneys at ContractsCounsel. Our professional lawyers have all the required knowledge to draft a comprehensive license contract that helps you gain better control over your business.

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