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When it comes to the negotiation of a Master Services Agreement (MSA), it is important to have an experienced lawyer for master services agreements on your side. An MSA agreement is a complex contract that governs ongoing work on a project or service relationship and has a significant impact on your business.

What is a Master Services Agreement Lawyer?

A lawyer for a master services agreement is a legal professional who helps negotiate, draft and review MSA agreements for companies ranging from small-scale employers to Fortune 500 companies.

The master agreement is a document that defines the relationship between two or more parties entering into a long-term collaborative agreement. Of course, agreed-upon services can be part of a more flexible system, but documenting a service agreement will help cover the terms and conditions that govern the arrangement.

The service agreement, or service contract, should be comprehensive enough to cover all the common issues arising from the engagement, like who makes the major decisions and other responsibilities and obligations of the parties. Yet it should also be concise enough that it is easy to navigate and use as an effective tool for guiding the relationship.

An MSA, also referred to as a statement of work agreement, may cover a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Healthcare and dental insurance
  • Company vehicle usage
  • Job promotion procedures
  • Worker’s compensation insurance

The extent of coverage is determined by the size of the employer or organization.

A lawyer for a master services agreement typically has a legal background and business experience that helps them understand complex business terms, legal concepts, and practices. This makes them a good choice for drafting agreements for larger or more complex deals that require more attention to detail.

Here is an article about why your business needs a lawyer to draft MSAs.

What Do Master Services Agreements Do?

An MSA agreement is a document that defines the relationship between two or more parties entering into a collaborative service contract. Master agreements are typically used by larger enterprises engaging multiple vendors for various services, either regularly or for large-scale projects.

The master service agreement documents important elements of a working relationship, such as:

  • The scope of work
  • Costs
  • Schedule expectations
  • Payment obligations and rights
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Termination conditions

They can also include provisions relating to intellectual property ownership and license terms, confidentiality requirements, and even broad policies regarding acceptable behavior or ethics in working relationships.

There are two types of MSAs: binding and non-binding MSAs.

  • Binding MSA. A binding MSA can be enforced under contract law. It is common with large corporate clients as it is a binding agreement with legal implications.
  • Non-binding MSA. A non-binding MSA cannot be enforced unless it has been signed by a party with authority to do so. It is more typical when dealing with an individual or small business owner.

Here is an article with a master services agreement template.

Key Elements of a Master Services Agreement

An MSA agreement is used between companies with a contractual relationship, where there is an agreement on services or products to be provided, and money is exchanged as compensation for these services or products.

The MSA contains important details about the payment terms and schedule, as well as the scope and description of the deliverables. Therefore, it's worth understanding all the terms and conditions.

Here are some key elements of an MSA:

  • Confidentiality. Confidentiality is a key element of any good MSA. The purpose of confidentiality clauses is to protect sensitive trade secrets and business information such as sales/marketing strategies, financial results, and supply agreements. This can be done by treating the information as confidential or using a nondisclosure agreement or non-circumvent provision. Both prevent the recipient from using or disclosing the information in any way that would be detrimental to the sender.
  • MSA Delivery Requirements. The agreement should set the expectations for who will deliver what and when. Many factors can affect the delivery time of a project. While it is impossible to predict every eventuality, it's important to have a framework to prepare for several possible issues.
  • Dispute Resolution. An MSA should set out how disputes will be resolved in an included dispute resolution agreement. For example, you could use mediation, arbitration, or litigation. The MSA should also have a clause stating when the dispute resolution process is triggered.

Here is an article with more information on master service agreements.

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How Much Does a Lawyer for a Master Services Agreement Cost?

The average cost you can expect to pay a lawyer for a master services agreement is $400 to $900 per hour. Lawyers typically bill by the hour, but it's common for lawyers to offer flat-rate fees for some instances.

Many law firms offer a free consultation, which could last up to 1 hour, and you might be able to save a little money if you prepare the contract yourself and hire a lawyer to review it for you. However, finding a good lawyer to charge a reasonable fee can sometimes take work, so make sure you shop around.

Here is an article with a comprehensive guide to filling out a master services agreement.

What Makes an MSA Legally Binding?

An MSA Agreement is a legal document that becomes legally binding when signed by both parties.

The main criteria to determine if the signatures on the MSA make it legally binding include the following:

  1. There must be a lawful purpose to enter into the agreement.
  2. All parties have agreed upon everything.
  3. A competent party must sign the agreement.
  4. The signatures must all be signed correctly (i.e., in person and not through a representative).
  5. The document must be properly notarized or certified.
  6. Finally, there should be no conflicting agreements.

There are also a few key points to consider before signing an MSA Agreement:

  • Make sure you understand the agreement. It is important to take the time to read and understand the agreement before signing. Make sure you are clear on the terms of the agreement and what you are agreeing to. If there are any terms that you need help understanding, be sure to ask your lawyer to explain them.
  • Consider the interests of all parties involved. When negotiating an agreement, it is important to consider the interests of all parties involved. Make sure that the agreement is fair and equitable for everyone involved.
  • Protect your company's interests. One of the main goals of negotiating an agreement is to protect your company's interests. Be sure to consider what is important to your company and what you want to achieve with

Here is an article with an example of a master services agreement.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side during an MSA agreement negotiation is key to ensuring that your interests are protected. Lawyers can help confirm that the terms of the service agreement are favorable to you and your company. They can also help to identify any potential risks or pitfalls in the service agreement.

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