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Lawyer to Make a Living Trust

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A lawyer to make a living trust is an expert who prepares a legal document that an individual creates and signs listing all the assets owned. A lawyer to make a living trust helps the individuals or grantors protect their assets and direct their distribution after death. An experienced lawyer is a convenient alternative to help family members and their respective beneficiaries avoid a lengthy, complex, public, and expensive probate process.

What Do You Mean by a Living Trust?

A living trust is a valuable document that significantly transfers the holder's assets to the beneficiaries after death. The living trust comprises the name and the details of the person who shall inherit all the owner's assets after the latter's demise. The legal document is a way of ensuring financial protection and security for family members or loved ones. Moreover, a living trust ensures that an individual's assets are not misused or passed on to the wrong hands.

What Are the Different Types of Living Trust?

Living trusts can be of two types – revocable and irrevocable.

  • Revocable Living Trust

    An individual who creates the revocable living trust has complete control over it. The person can also enlist themself as a trustee when they create the trust initially. The best part about the revocable living trust is that the grantor can change the trustee or nominee anytime by seeking a lawyer's help. However, the owner of the living trust must pay taxes for the assets they own during their lifetime.

  • Irrevocable Living Trust

    Unlike a revocable living trust, no one can make any changes to the irrevocable living trust that cannot be altered once made. The owner of this living trust has no rights on the legal document and cannot remain a trustee. However, the irrevocable living trust is more beneficial because it is protected from creditors, lawyers, and other intellectuals.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer to Make a Living Trust?

Hiring a lawyer is wise if anyone plans to make a living trust. They ensure that the living trust document aligns with the latest government rules. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of hiring a lawyer for making a living trust.

  • Professional Legal Advice

    An experienced lawyer will offer the individuals or grantors legal advice on how to draft a living trust to decide the beneficiary who will outlive them in the particular property. The professional attorney also guides individuals into adding significant terms and conditions in the legal document to ensure the assets get handed over to the deserving individual without any hassle.

  • Draft a Document

    The lawyer can help individuals draft, review, or modify a living trust and make changes if they are unsatisfied with the mentioned terms, conditions, and clauses. The professional can anticipate different scenarios related to the person's legal situation and help compile all rules and obligations to help them make a living trust.

  • Faster Outcome

    An experienced lawyer can help you get individuals to make a living trust faster by working on the case and trying to get it drafted and reviewed as soon as possible. The lawyer also ensures that the grantor does not miss out on adding relevant terms and conditions when drafting the legal document.

  • Best Professional Assistance

    An experienced lawyer to make a living trust can let the grantors know what will happen if they make the legal document public. The attorney will also have relevant expertise in dealing with similar cases earlier, enabling them to draft the living trust without any errors or discrepancies. The professional knows what to expect and can advise the grantors about the terms, conditions, rules, obligations, and clauses they can add to the legal document to make it enforceable.

  • Legal Protection

    Every experienced lawyer knows and understands the rules and laws of a living trust. It enables them to help the grantor draft the legal document that abides by US laws. The lawyer also prevents them from adding clauses that may be irrelevant or inadmissible by law.

    The lawyer for unemployment benefits will also ensure that an individual adds proper terms and conditions to the legal document to ensure the property or assets get passed over to the right beneficiary.

  • Proper Legal Proceedings

    An experienced lawyer to make a living trust knows all issues relevant to the grantor's case and works strategically to focus the legal document in a way that abides by the person's will before they die. A professional lawyer can help an individual draft a legal document that includes all relevant clauses to help hand over the property or assets to the beneficiaries.

  • Elimination of the Probate Process

    When an individual creates a living trust, the person states the descendant with the right to the assets. The lawyer helps transfer the asset directly to the nominee mentioned in the trust in case of the grantor's unfortunate demise. It helps eliminate the probate process during legal proceedings. The attorney also enables the assets to be acquired by the court to determine their ownership which helps save time and energy.

  • Immediate Transfer of Ownership

    There might be a time when the family members of the loved ones of an individual may need financial security then. The lawyer helps enable an immediate transfer of ownership during such situations, making it easier for the concerned individuals to acquire the assets without the court's involvement.

  • Ensures Privacy and Security

    The lawyer ensures that a smaller number of people are involved during the making of the living trust. The process helps maintain privacy and security and ensures that no assets are publicized before getting handed over to the nominee or beneficiary.

Key Terms Related to a Lawyer to Make a Living Trust

Any individual who wants to make a living trust must be aware of the key terms related to it, as mentioned below.

  • Trust: A legal document that displays how an individual's assets should be managed during their lifetime or after death.
  • Grantor: An individual who sets up a trust.
  • Trustee: An individual or an institution in charge of a particular trust.
  • Beneficiary: An individual or entity the grantor names to inherit their property, asset, or estate.
  • Principle: The original amount included in a trust.


A living trust is necessary because it helps an individual hand over property, assets, and other valuables to a beneficiary. It also enables the individuals to protect the assets and their distribution after demise. However, the laws related to a living trust are complicated. It is advisable to approach a professional lawyer to draft a legal document. If you want a lawyer to make your living trust, visit ContractsCounsel now. Post a project with your requirements and get the best professional assistance.

ContractsCounsel is not a law firm, and this post should not be considered and does not contain legal advice. To ensure the information and advice in this post are correct, sufficient, and appropriate for your situation, please consult a licensed attorney. Also, using or accessing ContractsCounsel's site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and ContractsCounsel.

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